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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by R`ichard, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. R`ichard

    R`ichard New Member

    At the moment when I gift an item to a player, the send notice (requesting that I send the item) pops up repeatedly as I play the game (pressing home, performing an operation that changes a icon, and so on). The more gifts I send, the more send notices appear one after another. Slows the game and makes me not want to send.

    Playing in Firefox on a Mac.
  2. Luann Irwin

    Luann Irwin New Member

    Same here, though I'm playing via FB app using Chrome. I opened a new tab to stop this from occurring and re-enter the game. Very irritating to play. Posting HR asking for help and repeatedly popping up. Gifts notice also popping up. Had both popping up one after another everywhere I went. I cleaned my pc yesterday afternoon. It was fine then started again this morning. It has something to do with the pop up for sure.
  3. R`ichard

    R`ichard New Member

    Now other pop-ups are appearing. This time it's the Share on Facebook pop-up. So I assume now it's any pop-up. And it's reoccurring.
  4. ErnestTBass

    ErnestTBass New Member

    I'm getting the same problem at my end too. Maybe if they weren't so busy looking for bot/script users and censoring world chat they might have time to focus on the technical issues of the game.
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  5. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Thanks for the reports, all, this pop-up is from Facebook and in order to get it to go away you need to be Facebook friends with the user you are sending the Gift or other request to.

    You can try playing though kanoplay.com which will reduce the number of Facebook-related pop-ups you see.
  6. Luann Irwin

    Luann Irwin New Member

    Yes exactly, the problem is the FB pop up notice. So

    This happened in the morning after participating in SW. I went to my FB to get to LCN app, FB to a slot app & Google for weather. Cleaned out my pc, browser history etc... Gave it a rest. I let my Syndicate know what's going on, posted in social and also my FB friends.

    Until Kano fixes this issue, I discovered a temporary remedy to be able to enjoy game play. I can do pretty much every task needed that doesn't require the FB pop up notice to appear. If needing to ask for help to Friends on FB, copy and paste the link for boss fight help. Also copy and paste the link in social under Boss. The other side should be Mobsters. It will appear on your LCN profile feed. Syn Board link and Syndicate Group Chat links work fine. You can send gifts if they come in and even if it is one gift then accept and send back to all. If you have an ask for help in Challenges, Job Help, Energy, Stamina, etc.. then find a link for it that doesn't require a FB pop up. If you can't, then click on the ask for help, click the background for the pop up disappears, then close that tab. Open a new tab and get back into the game. Pain but does what you need it to do. Elite helpers same thing or tell your Syndicate, "I need EH please." which I do for Syn members that don't have enough. Not how I'm used to playing, yet it can work.

    Run a virus protection just in case on your pc.
  7. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Hey all.

    So it looks like this is an issue on Facebook's end of things as it is affecting a lot of Apps and not just our own. A bug has been filed with Facebook but at the current time they are yet to acknowledge it so I don't have a timeline for when this might be fixed.

    I do however have a workaround if you are stuck in this scenario. If you do a hard refresh of the game URL you'll be dumped back on the Home screen and you will be able to play normally without the pop ups coming up on every page transition.

    Once we receive more information I will be sure to share it here.
  8. ErnestTBass

    ErnestTBass New Member

    I already are friends with them. Facebook lied to you.
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  9. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    See my post directly above yours. This is a bigger issue than we originally thought.
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  10. R`ichard

    R`ichard New Member

    The issue appears to have been solved.
  11. ErnestTBass

    ErnestTBass New Member

    Still happening on my end.
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  12. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Update: Facebook has acknowledged that this is a bug and are working towards a solution. They don't give a timeline but I am hopeful that they will address this quickly.
  13. R`ichard

    R`ichard New Member

    I was too fast. Still happening.
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  14. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I been around Facebook since from the start an Facebook developers are not gonna speed nothing up or more then likely it may not get fixed at all only reason i know this cause they are not focus on fixing games but only too invade people privacys for which I think that is a No No but Good Luck Kano with facebook cause they aint gonna fix it only but to cause more problems on your end an for the players. Let me tell you a story okay an this is a True Story A friend of mine before he passed away he was a big big fan of Farmville at that time when it was first out there was no issue but once issue started to occur he was sending in reports left an right an honest statements about the game needs some work on an the company over that game was saying it is Facebook fault as well right well come to find out Facebook is messing companies games up an they are not willing to fix anything nor do anything about it so Take my advice kano you are gonna need to start staying on there ass about it if not they are not gonna fix it what so ever. everything I said is True Statements.
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  15. Tommy Pearls

    Tommy Pearls New Member

    Still happening. Using Firefox.
  16. ErnestTBass

    ErnestTBass New Member

    Unless Kano sunk some serious coin into Facebook they aren't going work with Kano at all. The big investors comes first. LOL
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  17. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    still fucked
  18. Luann Irwin

    Luann Irwin New Member

    I just refresh after getting all those reappearing popup dialogues. When sending a single gift to familia is sent and then cancel, cancel, cancel etc. Then I refresh back into the game. If I receive a single gift, I click on accept all and send back to all. That helps. My browser history is looking a mile long. Lol.. With asking for help with boss fights to mobsters, friends and mobs, I grab the link and post in friends message so it can appear on my profile feed then delete it later. I am in a boss/ raid fight group and post the link to get boss fight help. I do click the purple ask for help then once that pop up arrives, I click on the background and refresh the game. Same goes with challenges ask for help. With Elite helpers, I post in my syn group. My mobs are so nice they come to my profile and help very quick. The rest of the game is running okay with these obstacles. This is my game workaround method atm.
  19. Ann Hughes

    Ann Hughes New Member

    Help same here Quest has began and it keeps wanting to first 3 people I sent gifts Please fix this
    Thank You
  20. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Quick Update: Facebook has assigned this bug to their engineering team but that is the last update we have. I was hopeful for a expedient turn around on this but we will see if this either gets fixed up over night or we have an update from them.

    So please hang in here, I am anxiously awaiting this fix as well.
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