[LCN] Raid Boss [BETA] Walkthrough and Feedback

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Nov 13, 2014.

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  2. I have to add that this is a very disappointing feature, I understand that it is supposed to be a challenge, but without spending tons of RL cash this is never going to work, and lets face it, whilst we may all have spent a little (or a lot) here and there its not what this app is supposed to be about. On another note I found it very interesting to note that with 3k energy i was able to unlock my new Raid Boss in Facebook, where I hardly ever play anymore, but in Kong where I still play daily I have dumped nearly twice that and still only just have 2 keys... I have joined a couple of other Raids in Kong and I have refilled a couple of times to judge the damage etc that I do and I can conclude that it is simply not worth the bother to attempt the Raid Boss. Thanks for your efforts Kano, but this must go down as a real disaster.
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  3. mi7ch

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    How is that bad? If a person wipes the Raid two times, then the lose the ability to attack and cause any more wipes. They can still heal the Raid Group and contribute actions.
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    I think the raid boss is cool, and its the first thing I've seen that gets the whole Kong chatroom working together. The drops are great! But IMHO the stam/energy requirements are a little too steep... :-/
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  5. In the five years I've been playing this game, this has to be the worst thing introduced. Calendars can be done in the time provided, World Boss can be beaten and if not, you get plenty of XP just for playing. Battle Arena and Syndicate wars are pretty fun.

    There is no way to beat this thing. The rewards for beating it pale in comparison to what you'll spend trying to beat it. And if you don't beat it, you get nothing from it.

    Wait, I think "Godfathers Absolution" was actually a good idea.
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    Many of us had the raid boss in VC quite alot were killed off, I got many drops, I spent no extra money on them. yes we had a longer time to do it in, but ya don't have to rush but you will need to have 30 members and they have to know what to do if they don't the boss reheals to a certain point, the VC one rehealed totally and that was a drag , the min actions are 250 which includes attacks and heals,but with this new version it says the players with the most actions get something we did not get.
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    VC chat was talking about it for days and in the FB groups ,everyone was helping everyone figure out how to do things,and listing the ones who kept wiping the raid health.
  8. Kirsten

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    ok now I have been invited to two and not getting ,rereading everything to find the way in

    Ok my friend clicked public sharing and finally got in,totally forgot about that part in the VC one
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  9. true blood

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    You cant comparison it with VC raid boss.Look the average level of VC players and imagine how much stam and energy regular people there.Top 120 person there 7870 in lcn just 10 person reach that level so its not even talk VC word in LCN Raid Boss threat.
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    from my wife whos the games Energy queen!! These are total garbage....another failure from KANO!

    Your Contribution dmg dealt: 2916443 num attacks: 2960 healing done: 546508 num heals: 2175 XP gained: 205848 cash gained: $749,463,800 last attack: 7 seconds

    Close +$5,056,470 | +539 XP | 7335 Raid Health Gained | - 25 Energy | 0 Health Damage Dealt

    Close +$5,625,335 | +1,208 XP | 3560 Raid Health Lost | - 20 Stamina | 11,792 Health Damage Dealt

    Num Attacks: 3746 - Damage Dealt: 3,737,494 - Num Heals: 2550 - Total Healing: 634,812

    these are useless

    the rewards are not enough for what its going to take to defeat it
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  11. S E T H

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    Even the godfathers absolution isn't such a good idea because it could provoke the use of ALTS. Just sayin.
  12. Kirsten

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    it is a raid boss thread , so I will talk about my experience , :pand yes there are alot more higher levels in VC of which I am not, but I held my own nicely
  13. true blood

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    You think that person still heal after that ? I dont think so.
    No there are not high level players at VC its normal while exp bar is low against Lcn exp bar system.And read thread again.Its LCN raid so your thoughts not match with LCN.

  14. Kirsten

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    yeah ok and whatever yeah to be angry and crazy and act like children and have fun :p
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    VC is NOT FB LCN...... they are two totally different events and platforms. do not compare them. these numbers might work in VC, but they do NOT work in LCN on Facebook... period.
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    Period ,end of sentence,and ya not the boss of me so stuff it
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    i didn't comment on VC because i do NOT play it, and am unaware of how it works there. if you do not play LCN on FB, you have no clue wtf you are talking about, which is why i guess you come off so foolishly.
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  18. AXXO

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    great, but if you can make it one time. as in, you wipe the raid for one time and you're out. that will be helpful for everyone to be more responsible. cause of some fools, at this rate resetting a raid makes almost impossible to kill.
  19. Gill M

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    Well so far I have had to buy a whole lot of stuff that I have not needed in many moons and used a s**tload of energy to get 2 keys. First impressions of this are not good - seems like a waste of time for the rewards at the moment.
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  20. ben

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    to me the boss is way to hard and not worth what ya have to put in it to try killing it ... and say if ya do was it really worth in what it coast ya and what did ya really gain by it ... just levels thats it ... i rather hit bosses and gain in my game ...

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