[LCN] PvP Balance Change v2 - October 4th 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. robbin gordon

    robbin gordon Well-Known Member

    welcome to our world. we were told our skills were important, and that a & d were heavily weighted for impact. then, you all come along, and that goes out the window. you have played for what, 18 months at most ? try playing 7-8 years, only to have the rug pulled out after 6 years. not so wonderful, is it ?
  2. AMEN to that Robbin
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  3. iggy

    iggy New Member

    no it is not Robbin. Kano has a history of changing the game rules . Depends on which way the $ is flowing to them.
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  4. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    I've been playing the game for ever, it was finally nice to not have almost every single player on my fight list that has started playing since zanga went off the air to not kick my ass, it's been frustrating but I've been doing my best to get better weapons and yes I have been putting some money into your pockets Kano and now I'll be back to having players kicking my ass. We all tried to warn you guys what was going to happen with the game shortly after the influx of new players and you didn't listen. Now your trying to fix it, unfix and re-fix it. How about you go back to the players who have been loyal for 7+ years that have been putting money in your pockets so that there was even a game for them to come to and give us back all the GF PTS we used to purchase weapons that we can no longer use so we can buy the same stuff the new players have? yeah I know blah blah blah we can't do that because blah blah blah
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  5. Ashley227

    Ashley227 New Member

    personal 1 1
    armed 2,468 1,288
    weapons 233,082 221,101
    armor 257,522 245,839
    vehicle 231,168 216,676
    mob 1749

    Friends stats
    personal attack def 4000 4000
    Armed 1089 2051
    weapons 183,639 180,620
    armor 157,893 155,708
    vehicles 151,289 156,525
    2000 mob

    I get destroyed now but we used to level.
    Btw I guess I am "new" since I joined 1020 days ago and 2 hrs... still don't know what my joined date should have to do with anything.
  6. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    The higher people go in level, the harder it is to collect SP, so their progress will slow over time. Once that happens, you could switch from a levelling focus to an inventory focus and collect raid drops etc. to bulk out your inventory. That'd let you be more competitive with people with more A+D SP but weaker items.
  7. Ashley227

    Ashley227 New Member

    Basically comform to what a few players want? Makes no sense that we have to build the way one person says, if this is the case why give the option to assign skills? Just apply it the same for all. I rather have my money refunded and you can sandbox the game for the few players who get catered too in the forums/game. May as well just let these few people run the game and assign everything as they see fit.
  8. Ashley227

    Ashley227 New Member

    Actually I have played since myspace lol, i feel old saying that. I got bored of it and went to playdom mobsters spent a ton of cash and they shut down, so I came back after awhile on FB. I should have learned by now that these games always get ruined by a few babies. Seriously the last time I spend anything on a game. I see your skill points have a major advantage in BA and SW so I don't see why you act like they don't have impact, to me it seems that certain players want their build types to be the best at everything rather than have an opportunity for being amazing in one area. Like I said I knew I would be destroyed in Ba when I built mine, but I would be a good hunter. Now I basically suck and can't do more than 900 damage while taking 17k+ in a fight. Anyways, the change is here to stay you got what you wanted, now when players start to leave and you have no one to play with don't cry when then plug gets pulled...and it will.
  9. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Thanks. And I can see that for the biggies, those over level 10,000. I am nowhere near that level. I'm 2,564.

    Total Attack: 733,564 / Total Defense: 733,744 --- My average mobster strength is over 400 in A and D. Only bosses Lunar and up help me. Inventory wise, I'm good for my level. I'm now losing to people with 1/2 that inventory firepower. That seems off to me.

    When I started this game 7+ years ago, I put equal SPs in A, D, H, and E and less in S. When I came back 1.5 years ago, the game changed so my allocation of points reflected that. I didn't ignore A & D but I certainly didn't contribute much in there like I did for H, E, & S. I get that I need to change my contributions going forward.

    I don't think leveling like crazy to get SPs is the answer for me. It will just put me up against bigger players who got there slower.
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  10. Ashley, I STARTED on myspace WAY back .... almost at the beginning of the game, and even THEN I knew to try to keep the skill somewhat balanced ... and the rebalancing is BECAUSE of players that want to BUY their strength instead of building it through the options that have been in place since the BEGINNING of the game. Since you played on myspace, you KNOW that there was no raids, VERY few godfather weapons, limited world bosses, NO protection, and crates weren't even a sweet drream. The new players THRIVE on the "improvements" that have been put in place to keep them in the game. However, as the old saying goes, "Give them an inch and they will take a mile". Thus the reason that there are the issues we are dealing with now
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  11. Ashley227

    Ashley227 New Member

    The I am sure you knew of the "riders" and "hunters" build who were all out health/stam and either attack or defense. Those ones didn't go balanced. Now I now skills should go into attack but, I was willing to lose in getting attacked, willing to do low damage 35,000 or so in raids, willing to heal for 1m or less in SW, willing to have no def to hide in BA and being able to do a lot of damage and take it as well. I figured buy items to fill in the space of skills, now that build is crap since anyone who has 50 skill points and no gear can most likely destroy me. If players wanted this why not move to zombies? Zombies has that concept, rather than mess up mob wars for everyone else just switch games.
  12. no gear? hmmmmmm then WHAT do they have in their loadout? even job drops, challenge rewards, and boss drops are gear, so THINK about that .... they just don't cost REAL money to buy the favor points .... SMH .... no gear .....
  13. ZarakiKenpachi

    ZarakiKenpachi New Member

    I never hitlisted anybody. And I am only attacked by those leves 2k to 8k when I get hitlisted. And you cannot say its fair. Aint nothing fair about a guy who is weaker than you hitlisting yoi every 3 days because he cant beat you so you got players lvl 2345 8590 killing you for a bounty of 2billion??? Thats point less. They can achieve that from a couple jobs at that level. So no, its def. Not fair game. Its actually flawed. If im lvl 360 and no other players at my lvl can beat me, then i earned that WIN. You can easily hitlist on here. And stats mean a lot otherwise thete would not be any competition. Idk what world you living in. But alot of people play games for stats.
  14. ZarakiKenpachi

    ZarakiKenpachi New Member

    I def. Know that now. I never bragged about any of my achievements either. Idk how that guy even found me. He must have literally been looking for someone to ruin their achievements. I was so close. 17.5k Survival streak is not going to be easy now. Especially with that guy hit listing me every other day.
  15. No, they are talking about BOUGHT items compared to the items you EARN through gameplay. YES, bought items are stronger, but unless you are independently wealthy, spending to get stronger gets OLD FAST ..... so why shouldn't the items earned and the skill points weigh in a little heavier than what they have been here lately?
  16. MrPLOD

    MrPLOD New Member

    Thanks for changes!!!!.... less one player. What makes you think you are changing for better! Started losing almost fights!
  17. and THAT is exactly the point .... the skill points have become obsolete ... like going to a gym and WORKING to get stronger while the guy next to you is pumping up on steroids
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  18. Ashley227

    Ashley227 New Member

    No I did mean that they have enough weapons etc for the mob size but the character has no gear equipped. Basically I can be "stronger" in armed,weapons,vehicles,armor then equal mobsize or roughly equal and weaker in personal yet I lose.
  19. Ashley227

    Ashley227 New Member

    No you just made the guy using steroids able to compete in more than one event. Now not only can you dominate the arena and synd wars, you can also not be touched by those players who spent money getting equipment. Skill points are now the only thing that matter no point in having any items or crates. item=400/400 600/200 200/600 roughly for 25-30 fp, 1 skill point = 2000/2000 and cost nothing.
  20. then they are EXTREMELY heavy in attack and defense skill points ... which means they have no health, stam, or energy

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