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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Jamie Mobs, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Jamie Mobs

    Jamie Mobs New Member

    Iv had a big problem all day today, were in war.........

    And ever Time i collect a bounty.....
    IT SHOW's that i have killed the person on the HITLIST....

    BUT I look at my CASH!
    and Its still the same before i started i took the bounty...
    I refreshed the page...and still never got the cash for it....
    Seems like a glich... iv took over 30 bountys over 1T-3T alone
    And never receved any cash for them!!!!.... can anyone explain why this keep happen to me the last few days?
    I Just stop huting for war mode,, and i cant list anyone if im not getting cash for taking people bountys...

    Please help...
  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Best advice I have is to write a ticket to support, but support is pretty backed up. Support is gonna need your info to help ya. But I will try to get their attention before today is over . But there is a chance that it may be next week, fingers crossed it is before that:)
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  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hi Jamie,

    Sorry that you're having trouble, but Linda is correct! If you're having issues with your account, your best bet is to contact Support!
  4. Jamie Mobs

    Jamie Mobs New Member

    everyone is saying contact them, i have and now im being told by you guy's that it could take upto 2 week... thanks for the info:).... but honest i cant wait that long anymore, Im in war on the game and hunting is a big deal and listing people and not being able to collect cash and able to spend it i lose tons of war points and now i can just do my 5 atttack and punches and its not cutting it.. and i only have 51b income and witch is not helping me cause it take so long to get anuff cash for 1 bounty.... :(

    So with me lose over 25T+ a day from bountys cause its not letting me collect my cash.... There is no point of me even hunting anymore or playing the game, cause its hard when ur in a war group and u do war 24/7. Iv sent ERIC a privite message, with no responce also...

    Ughhh this is crappy

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