[LCN] Mother's Day Raid Shop Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, May 15, 2019.

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    This morning it came to our attention that the 1 Token item in the Raid Shop could be traded in for Favor Points via the Pawn Shop.

    This is obviously not the intention of this feature and is an oversight on our part. We disabled the eligibility for this item to be traded in for FP soon after we realized what was happening.

    For the players who were able to trade in this item for Favor Points, we're going through and removing the requisite amount of FP as leaving that would imbalance the game economy.

    Apologies to all of our players on this, we will definitely be more mindful of the effects of the Raid Shop and any items we choose to put in there in the future. Players who were directly affected by this will be followed up with by Support.

    If you do run across a potential exploit, the best thing to do is to report it to us! Trying to use it will result in actions being taken on your account, which is something we'd all like to avoid.
  2. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    I bought fvps this morning, they are gone too :( please correct it and give me back those I purchased from you with real money.
  3. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    HOW DARE YOU TAKE ALL MY FAVOR POINTS? That is BS that it ruins the balance of the game. i did not know it was a mistake and ithought it was a good deal I spent tons of favor point to do more raids and I had over 300 beofore the cologne. I hope this game goes under. I am done. I have zero favor points and you will never get a penny from me.
    You cannot make players suffer for YOUR< KANO;s mistake.
  4. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    not taking any tickets in they can keep their trunk and i keep my money
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  5. No Nuts 4u

    No Nuts 4u Member

    This is obviously not the intention of this feature and is an oversight on our part. why should players who love the game and raiding suffer =/
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  6. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    because it is kano :)
  7. Mouseketeer

    Mouseketeer New Member

    This is wrong in so many ways. You make a mistake, and no one knew it was a mistake and now you screw them over for it!?? Geez, why not just shut down the lounge too. Oh wait, you're doing that too. Wave your little hand and whisper so-long deary! I wasn't even affected by this but I still feel all those that are, are being wronged.
  8. williamw125

    williamw125 Member

    great you are quick to take favor points without taking notice of the favor points people had prior to this thing!!!!!! this is your mistake own it, and take it like any other company would.
  9. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    It was obviously unintended and gave a hugely unfair advantage to those that exploited it.
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  10. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    So, you guys made a mistake, and just carte blanche remove fp's?

    Some of us also bought fp's before and during this raid season.
  11. SefuLaBani

    SefuLaBani Member

    Exactly what Kano always do. Care only about their profit and when they do a mistake and it's ONLY THEIR FAULT, we have to pay for it. No one capable to admit: "Yes, we did a mistake, we gonna be more careful next time but since its not players fault, we wont gonna fk your accounts guys, because this game exists because of you." This kind of mistake more than sure will motivate some from here to donate more seeing how easy you level using fps, KANO, so just think about this. You prefere to lose players taking back what they did, or hope they will spend more if you wont take all back? ;)
  12. william a stasse

    william a stasse New Member

    you took even the ones i had bought...........you make a so called mistake i see a circumventing of the process and now i suffer. life as i know isn't fair but to remove all? and those who bought 1000's of crates and never bought any fps. you may need a new line of work those of you @KaNO decided to wipe all the fps out even those of us who had purchased some. have a blessed day!
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  13. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    You should refund back the favor points on the players behalf it is not our fault that you guys screwed up in the Raid Shop so therefore they have there rights to get there Favor Points back! this is why im glad i dont dump no more money on these apps cause Kano will rip you off on about anything these days...Anyone who is purchasing with a Credit Card or Bank Card if i was you i would contact your provider an tell them the case of yours! an they should give you a refund back on your statement ;)
  14. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    I am a syndicate leader and I told my syndicate to go off the game and stop playing in protest.
  15. Archmetal

    Archmetal New Member

    Seems to me mafia wars had this same issue, and where is that game now? Kano you better make this right. I had 300 fp's before this all started and you stole them all. I am not buying more.
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  16. Why Don't you just give everybody in LCN 500FPS...Say sorry for your mistake and make sure it does not happen again????
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  17. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    lol no cheating today, sry gaazzaaa. Buying a piece of gear and selling it isn't a cheat, it is a functionality in the game. Whereas using alts is against the TOS
  18. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    Clearly and obviously unintended, and you all knew that while exploiting it shamelessly.

    Even though it's off topic: Lets not pretend that your Syndicate members don't have alts... you have syndicates full of them. I'll let Kano be the judge of what is against the ToS and whats not, and suggest you do, too.
  19. SoT

    SoT Member

    This was a legitimate offer like many others Kano have for inventory that players no longer use to trade in for FPs or loyalty points. Taking away FPs and letting players with 0 FP will not lead to balance but rather ruin the game.
  20. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member


    Well, refunds on the cologne is all right and dandy and I get that you don't want to break your in game economy. But taking people's items/favour points away for your mistake is not the best way to go about this in my opinion. There will be those who got hit with resets even though they paid for them and people who've lost crates as you're rapidly doing damage limitation.

    It's looking like your best bet may well be to roll back servers to the point of the exploits discovery and refund people that made purchases after that point. Either that or leave everything alone. Because I am a few other players also got a rude awakening when we logged on to find 10+ dead raids (including one's we owned) before we had chance to get minimums. So if you're taking items & fp's you'll need to roll back levels, skill points and raid actions as well to be fair. This of course then raises the question of how do you tell the difference between legitimate gains during this period and those which arose from exploits. So, and I cannot recommend this enough, roll back the servers & accounts 24 hours and send out refunds. It'll still leave a lot of people pissed off but it will prevent this palaver dragging on and is the fairest to all involved.

    Oh, and of course I could make some snide comment about how when it comes to exploits you guys make game changes faster than measles outbreaks in antivaxxer communities yet claim you can't make game changes quickly outside of these periods [Like raising minimum actions for raids or Banning alts of all types - raid healers included]. However, that would be a bit mean and piling on an already tired & stressed dev team and would detract from the pretty orange box now on my city banner. So I won't, but I might imply it...
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