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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by The_Jay, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. The_Jay

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    I have added several people over the past few hours for Mob Wars (along with Zombie Slayer, Viking Clan & Pirate Clan) and every time I try to invite them I get the message that I must be friends with them in order to invite them. Since they are on my friends list that's obviously not the prob. Now that I have that sed, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed... Can't invite.... stuff n sumpthin. Kay... Thanks.
  2. maybe they have it where they're not accepting invites?
  3. The_Jay

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    They're playing those apps. We have added each other for those apps. One person I could believe that, but it's been several people. That makes me believe that it's a glitch/bug someplace.
  4. then yes i would have to say a bug somewhere.only kano can answer that for sure though
  5. The_Jay

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    They're goin through finally... At least I'm getting the Ottimo/Yo, Ho, Ho/Victory message now.
  6. Mayhem

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    mob invites

    I don't have this problem, but I have the problem where you accept invites to your mob, but your mob amount stays the this just a perception problem or am I really losing out on the number of mob members I just accepted?
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    The actual number won't show if you have reached your maximum for your level. When you level up you will see 2 more players added to the number up to 1000. This of course doesn't include Hired Guns. You are allowed 1000 Hired Guns in addition to 1000 friends.To see the actual number of friends you have added you will need to look on your Familia page. There are 20 people per page times how many pages etc..

    Hope that helps..
  8. Mayhem

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    max numbers

    why yes, yes this helps very much, i just saw a bunch of the recent bug posts, i'm guessing i'm maxed out already, choices are now there, buy nice big strong godfather items or bulk up the mob, hmm.... :rolleyes:

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