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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Lady Linda, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Lady Linda

    Lady Linda New Member

    how come there is a limit on how many times i can hit a person on the hitlist ..but there doesn't seem to be a number of times i can be hitlisted in one day ie..James Machine Gun Spilotro, Level 398
    6 attacks,24 hits in 18 hours
    and what can i do to stop this other than rig ignition
    this has been an on going thing with this guy everyday 20-30 hits a day plus attacks and punches ...his rig ignition and hitlist amount is more than i can afford i just stuck with this? ..he is only 5 levels higher than me but has 1321 mob to my 1077
  2. i think you are stuck with it.just the way the game was designed.

    BNPLAYN Member

    YOU WIN!

    You have killed Lady Linda and collected their reward of $5,722,549,764.

    And your 1 to talk. After I took you out of my mob for attacking my wife because she killed your easy azz off the hit list for the 100th time. You hit me constantly. Just remember if you ain't on the hit list your not worth my time.

    I say he needs to keep adding you I like the kill and $$. The only thing I can complain about you being on the hit list is your bounty needs to triple. Since I have to wast 2 hits to kill you...:D
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  4. james

    james New Member

    lmao linda, how do u like it hehehee!:D

    BNPLAYN Member

    LOL Hey Linda, My wife don't like you hitting me. So she said every time you hit me. She is going to list you. Like she has been. And I will kill you.

    And if you touch my wife as you found out I will get involved and make sure to keep you in the hospital. I have over 4 tril in the bank to back me up, and a hell of a lot more friends that would enjoy beating you down till you simply turn off the computer and walk away for good.

    And Linda before you talk trash on me. Saying things like i don't know how to play the game. What leader board of this game are you on again? LOL

    Yes I have people telling me what you say. Like I said before if you ain't on the hit list your not worth me time. I meant it. Thank god your going to be put on it a lot more so I can make some of my time for you....:D
  6. james

    james New Member

    i almost started feeling sorry 4 her...Lmao! but then it all came bk when i looked at her record.. she is the tcb gang leader, ppl say she uses her friends.. idk, and i dont belive everything i hear! but from your criminal record, thats exactly what you are.. why dont u help your friends out and list ppl 4 messing with them?
    a funny message between my friends> which i do help!!!

    "QUICK linda's back! get her befoure she gets away! Nahh 2nd thoughts its gona take her 6 hours befoure she make's it inside"

    your just too funny! how many aunts n uncles brothers n sisters mums n dads do u have? pmsl, ill get everyone ov your alter ego's in time just 4 a laugh!!..
    i could go on but.... im just gona kill u right now!!

    BNPLAYN Member

    Ya what is this TCB. LOL I am a founder of a clan we have been established for 5 years in the FPS gaming world. Every game we get involved in as a clan, We are the talk of the all gaming communities out there. We are what 180+ strong and fully set up web site and TS for our members. and I am creating another global gaming community right now.

    What do you have to offer your members. But a big mouth that gets you personally in trouble. and makes your clan look stupid. Maybe I should open a mob wars division. And show you how hard =GtH= can hit you. My god I piss off people with out even trying by kicking there azz's right off the hit list. And I don't back down for any reason. Just like every game I ever plaid. and Honey I have always have been on a leader board on every game I plaid.

    Just remember =GtH= LT.BNPLAYN*RIP* killed you and as you lay there think of 3 words Get t-bagged Here because that's what i am doing to you every time I kill you.

    BNPLAYN Member

    YOU WIN!

    You have killed Lady Linda TCB and collected their reward of $671,900,146.
    Lady Linda TCB has 106 attack(s) on you (In 2 days). You have 122 attack(s) on Lady Linda TCB (In 2 days).

    Funny how your attack are just atacks and i win most of them. But mine are from the hit list.
    i told you if you attacked me what would happen. eazy money.
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