July 13th- Developer Update (Skill Points and Character att/def)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We will be releasing this change shortly:

    "You will now be getting 5 Skill Points per level, past levels have been paid out, example if you are level 2000 you should now have (2000-1)*2 Skill Points waiting to be deployed.

    With this increase we have increased the weighting for Attack and Defense from your character in battle so if you have not been putting points into attack/defense you may now want to do that."
  2. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Wohoo! Thank you devs!! :D

    5k+ skill points sure looks nice ;)
  3. sln88

    sln88 Member

    ok- but now I have no idea where i need these points to go?? anyone have recommendations for a level 9xx with 1900 points to "spend"?
  4. Lord DarkStone

    Lord DarkStone New Member


    Thank you big time for this update.
  5. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    not really sure what to tell you, and I am all the way at the top. If your stamina is good, then I would suggest distributing it evenly among attack and strength. Maybe Para or Gavin have better advice...
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Don't forget about Max Health!

    We plan to release an update to the Skill Point allocator to help give people a better understanding of how att/def/max health play into the outcome and payouts of battles and bosses. Maybe even give an indication of what the average is at your current level.
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Oh crap! I hope when this update comes out it wont tell me that I screwed up! lol
  8. Mihai

    Mihai New Member

    this change really makes the atack skill to count more. I've been leveling with someone and when I was attacking him I got 95 xp. now I get 70 xp. so i'm stronger because of the attack skills. I like this. it seems that this increase of skills made the attack skill to count 25% more
  9. Mihai

    Mihai New Member

    before the change we were almost equally, i was stronger with 1%
  10. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Mihai the power difference that it makes depends on how many skill points you invest into the different battle characteristics
  11. rick224

    rick224 New Member

    Since I added points to attack & defense (maximum) I am now weaker in my battles, Why is that?
  12. sln88

    sln88 Member

    My guess is that others have used their points to increase more?

  13. before my att/def was 1300 and player-X did upgrade to 2500 att/def i believe
    so i attack him:

    You have severely injured Clan Leader PlayerX.
    -500,000 coins | -3,727 Health Lost | 3,174 Health Damage Dealt
    Your Attack Strength was 15.14% less than your Enemies Defense Strength

    so after that i put my Att/Def 3500 and Player-X attack me :

    You were attacked by Player-X with a Battle Boost of 5% and won the Battle, gaining 500,000 coins and 242 XP

    so did not have chance to attack him back yet to show new results :D

    yes new att/def system works like i wanted from the start if Viking Game so all my high attack/defence was waste for long time ...

    i know that some players dont go kano forum and they dont know news about new system ... will be good to put advert for next 10 days on home page with gifts and boosts so everyone get informed !!!
  14. LOOOOL!! I increased my health and attack now i deal almost twice the damage i used to do to a boss :D, and the XP i get from rivals has increased :D...thnxs a lot Kendell!!!
  15. samowen

    samowen New Member

  16. i was just thinking to start this game from start and enjoy full benefit of the game !
    so i can past all levels again with my dream attack and defence ...

    long time a go when i just started my energy was 100 till i hit level 300 and low stamina health and att/def was high but still i lose some battles eh i remember Drunken fol and Jeffrey Seibold was good and strong players :)

    i wish there was option to open on other Viking Clan game from the same myspace acct so i don't need reset my old one ?!

    im just sharing my thinking about all changes and memories from past on Viking Clan..
  17. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Definitely agree,

    Players that have been playing for a while did not get the benefits when the new adventures was started. In fact many players are, as stated in another post, nearly down 2-3000 of the top adventure drop items. Also many players that have added skills to help in battle wasted them until now when the new battle system started, yet, that was nullified as everyone was given skill points to make things even. So even if you had low att/def you now can compensate and equal everyone else.

    You have the bosses, which gives good drops, huge selection of adventures with again great drops, and 5 skill points per level so and many achievement skill points... All why VC is a great game. Those that have been playing from the start or very early on didn't receive any of these benefits even with the retro points given.

    So now a player can't just put everything in stamina and level to 300+ in a couple of days as the low att/def values would have them losing to many players that put high value into att/def. The players that leveled really fast and are high up now, should be thankful to the dev's as they have given the retro skill points so they can compete and compensate.

    For the players that have played for a while, yes we should get more skill points, but, as normal we'll just adapt and keep playing.
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