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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Thunder Sis, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Thunder Sis

    Thunder Sis New Member

    I did the Align yourself with a "Cartel" underboss job, clicked ask for help and it went to my lcn homepage instead of me getting the box to publish help request. I've tried several times in the past hour with the same result.
  2. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Are you also only getting half the page with no scroll?
    I'm having the same issue with Elite posts. :(
    Bounced back to the LCN Home Page whenever I tried to post.
  3. Thunder Sis

    Thunder Sis New Member

    I click on boss fights and everything comes up but the list of bosses.

    I just got the square to come up for job help, went to profile to copy link location. I posted it to a few friends and guess what?? It wasn't job help it was my boss fight link. I wasn't ready for anyone to help with it yet since I still had stamina but it got finished because that was the link that came up when they clicked. Grrrrr
  4. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    This should now be fixed.
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Are you still getting half pages. This usually occurs when Facebook pushes code or makes major changes since we depend on code they provide to resize the game canvas.

    Usually clearing out your cache and re-logging into Facebook fixes the issue for most people.

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