Illuminati Master Question.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Your Worse Enemey, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Your Worse Enemey

    Your Worse Enemey New Member

    I keep clicking on the thing that says Illuminati master but it just keeps bringing me to the world boss fight im new so my question is what level do you have to be to get this and what exactly is it ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Joe Bloggs

    Joe Bloggs Member

    Level 1,300+
  3. Your Worse Enemey

    Your Worse Enemey New Member

    that answers my level question

    But what is it ?

    boss, mission ?

    WHELER Banned

    it's a boss...
  5. IodaJoeyGambini

    IodaJoeyGambini New Member

    Illuminati Master...

    New guy, you can also do these jobs by friending the higher level players and working for them by joining their syndicate and participating in their activities. Nice to have those drop weapons and not even at that level. Stick to the first few levels of that boss fight so you don't have to waste valuable stamina to get the drops.
    Ioda Joey Gambini
  6. BSaintD

    BSaintD New Member

    Also, if you DO get invited to a Palermo boss fight and they ask you to keep to as close to the minimum damage as possible, PLEASE comply! Yes, you have to go slightly over to qualify for the reward drops, but killing the boss before all the slots are filled won't get you invited again.:mad: Many of us are trying to share the boss with as many people as possible... Thanks!:D

    WHELER Banned

    killin the boss or going way over the limit = demobbed & hitlisted in my palermo's,lol I'm "PSYCHO KILLA" myspace mobwars...

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