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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by meezy, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. meezy

    meezy Member

    I am searching ideas on improving my slayer. I have discovered that my slayer needs significant improvement. My stats are as follows:

    Level 328 - Doctor

    HEALTH 5030
    ENERGY 315
    STAMINA 210
    ATK 948 (Total)
    DEF 930 (Total)
    CASH $12,714,897
    VAULT $1.244 BILLION
    INCOME $11,582,300
    UPKEEP $2,522,056
    HITLIST $135,919,381
    # of Slayers 503 (2 hired slayers)

    To note, all of my properties up to Russia are completely upgraded. I am currently upgrading second Russian property to level 2 if im not mistaken. First Russian property should be ugraded next. My 3rd Russian property will not be available until Level 340. Wonder if i should camp and just upgrade at this point..?? Im also a bit curious as to whether or not I should just pound the atk/def again. I seem to be losing more fights as I move up in level..Could it be possible that people are loading up Defense??
  2. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    Get 5 strikers and 5 defenders. Also get at least 3 UN items (weapon, gear, vehicle)...if not more.

    Upgrade all your properties as they are available to upgrade.

    I could give away all my secrets....but then they wouldn't be secrets lol....

    Edit...I just realized that was your TOTAL att/def.....

    So...keep adding to attack and defense lol...
  3. Ace

    Ace Member

    Don't keep in mind your TOTAL attack and def, consider your build based on your base attack and defense, since most of the battle depends on your Top Squad Strength, which is 20x your BASE attack/defense in case you have it set properly.

    Properties seem to be fine, but your upkeep's a bit high. I expect most of it belongs to vehicles you use on fights, but in case I'm wrong, sell everything you're not using on your current outbreak, that way your hitlist cost will increase a bit further. Anyway, you seem to be doing fine with properties.

    Get your hireds (5 Strikers and 5 Defenders in total) and place them on your Top Squad, they'll prove very useful on battles.

    And yes, while levels increase, you'll find more people who build their slayers in order to be strong fighters. If you want to keep up with them, increasing attack and defense is a never-ending thing.
  4. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    I can't remember if I said this and I don't have time to read back...

    Sell all the items you don't use.

    I only have 2 items at all times.

    The item(s) for the current outbreak...and the item(s) for the last job of whatever country is the newest.

    When I sold all my stuff a few months ago I started making over 100,000,000 MORE an HOUR.....Now I make around 250 million every hour or so....

    But I didn't keep up on upgrading properties I kinda forgot for a week or so....
  5. MamaMUAHAHA

    MamaMUAHAHA Member

    I agree... but would also add that there is no point upgrading the hired attackers/defenders at your level.
    Its a waste of UN....
  6. Ace

    Ace Member

    Absolutely. Upgrading them's pointless unless your TS stats run too low.
  7. meezy

    meezy Member

    I was tripping off that. The cost of upgrading out of this 25 UN jesus..
  8. malific

    malific Member

    Actually, upgrading your hired guns only costs 10 UN points, and you should only do that if your Top Squad strength runs below your maximum, no point otherwise. What costs 25 UN points is the first purchase, and make sure you get 5 of each type you need (Strikers if you like attacking people, Defenders if you put into defense).
  9. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    And the later you buy them, the longer until you will have to upgrade them. It could be beneficial to get them early for the % boost though.

    Defenders early on for the 10% boost, then upgrade them much later on once your TS def is no longer capped (depending on the slayers in your top squad, you might not even need to). And of course only really if you are serious about adding to your defence.

    Strikers are imperative if you want to kill people, and maybe even beat people that stack defenders. Mainly for the killing though, I love my strikers ♥
  10. meezy

    meezy Member

    Thats what im talking about. Here i was, thinking I had built my slayer "reasonably" well, only to get my hat handed to Its embarrasing. Im thinking to i need to pump up my muscles(atk) or what??

    Thats one thing im having trouble with. On the surface, when you compare stats, it seems like the striker wouldnt be as good as the regular person. My example would be that the attack for the striker appears as 1600 something. When a player joins your top squad, their attack can be at least 2K..if im not mistaken. Does the striker add a little something extra beyond that 1600 atk??
  11. meezy

    meezy Member

    Granted, that doesnt even begin to cover the def side. Im just curious as to how it all adds up..
  12. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    The hired squads function as a lopsided regular slayer (real person) favouring attack or defence, but in addition give you a 2% boost to either attack or defence respectively, up to the preferable 10% hired boost (5 x 2% = 10% )

    When combined with squad contracts it gives up to 15% defence boost, which rather than adding actual numbers i'm pretty sure it's just there to cancel out any portion of the opposing offensive boost of the person attacking you.

    Same again, when combined with the offensive squad contract it gives up to 15% offensive boost, only this time can have the 5% vaccine boost stacked on top of it for a maximum of 20% boost to attacking power.

    For this reason, I believe attackers almost always have the advantage as 20% is better than 15%. Say the 15s cancel eachother out if you understand that.. Ignore the fact both players could have 15% boost from 5 hired squad and the respective squad contract.
    This leaves just the possible 5% boost from the temporary vaccine most commonly picked up before visiting the fight or rivals list (or possibly even the hitlist, but i don't recommend that in most cases because you kill even if you lose, and what if no bounties appear in the time the vaccine lasts?​

    Of course there are stamina boosts which can be stacked on top of the Striking boost, but i wouldn't recommend that as, well to be honest, you will be mocked / laughed at / probably killed and/or hitlisted for your cheekiness. ESPECIALLY IF YOU STILL LOSE. LOLLL :D:eek::D

    These should only be used, well... I don't know. Like i said, when you want to be mocked, laughed at and punished by the person you use it on alongside the people sharing the chat group they are using.

    Alongside that fact it dramatically reduces the xp per stam payout of the fight (does it decrease the xp given for a win if a stam boost is used? I know a failed stam boost seems to give the receiver a nice tasty experience treat)

    Uhmm did i go too far? Hopefully you can get your head around the boosts provided by the hired squad and how they can be combined with the other boosts on offer. If not, just try to explain your confusion and I (or someone else) can try to explain it more clearly, or more specifially...
  13. Ace

    Ace Member

    Yes. Strikers and Defenders grant a 2% extra power on attack/defense that can't be obtained on any other way.

    Right now, if you have 0 Strikers (5% boost assuming you have your squad contracts filled) try attacking someone, and then attacking the same person with 6 Stamina (would be a 20% boost)

    With the 5 strikers, you can reach that 20% boost you had to spend 6 Stamina on, spending only 1 point.
  14. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    Nice way of putting it...

    I guess there actually is some use in that stamina boost :D

    Just seriously don't get used to using it while you wait to get your strikers, it is honestly not worth it!

    Multiply the experience gained from the fight using the stamina boost, by the stamina you spent to use it, and thats roughly what you could have earned using single stamina attacks on an enemy slayer.

    If anyone with more knowhow on how stamina boosts affect experience gained from winning a fight, i would be slightly curious to see it explained from a knowledgeable source.
    I'm just guesstimating from my experience being fed xp from 27% boosts, 37% and 42% i think?

    Yes, i know they must be truly pathetic if they lose against me (with my measly defence) using such a collossal waste of stam of a boost :eek:
  15. Jailbait

    Jailbait Member

    attack and defense man you need that shit. My base attack and defense just reached 1000 today before level 400 and theres still 1 person on my fight list i lose to both ways with attack and defense low like that your not gonna be winning much and if your a quick leveler youll be on my radar soon so you might wana raise them
  16. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    Pump up your energy. If you want to be strong you can't leave all those outbreak skill points behind. I have 456 energy and I need to up mine quite a bit,since I'm behind on outbreaks for my level. If you want to be strong in fights, you can't get behind too much on outbreaks for your level limit.
    Also for income, open up all the outbreak countries you can for your level. jump to last outbreak in an area and complete it, to unlock single boss then defeat single boss to open up next country to travel to. Go to next country and buy all available properties for your level. Keep repeating this till you hit your level limit for outbreaks. Use UN points to upgrade properties only on highest level country first since it's a far bigger jump in income than a earlier country.
  17. meezy

    meezy Member

    You're probably right, It would seem that the only way to really get the pts for the strikers/defenders would be jobs and that sort of thing. Ive been pretty methodical about how i do my jobs. there were some in Germany that i thought took way too long. I was almost tempted to go nuts on energy. I have decided to go with bit more patient When i level, i place all 5 pts in one category. Every level gets a different stat lifted. I figure im pretty good on health for least 3 of my faction members have said i kinda layed low on health. Skill pts from achievements, i pretty much place those far as income, i seem to be waiting for level 340 so i can unlock the next Russian property..Im at 333 at the moment, so I keep plugging away at those outbreaks..I really do love those stat
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  18. meezy

    meezy Member

    I wish i could level Im pokey as hell..I hear what you're saying though..ive got my base attack up to 650 or something like that..Id say by the time i finish Russia, i should be over 700. Considering I place 5 pts at a time, i think that will get me there. Im also thinking those strikers are somewhere on my
  19. meezy

    meezy Member

    I hate using extra stam, you are right its embarassing when you I have done that a few times when i thought i would just have to prove i can beat but, ill only do it once..and make sure ive rigged them cuz once they find out i used a boost to beat them, i know its on.. :p
  20. meezy

    meezy Member

    Thanks for explaining that. One thing i didnt see, do they have to be in the top squad?? Or am i missing the obvious?? shoot, i would dump a few regular players if i had

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