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    I feel Relentless's response to the post at hand is justified as a player and a moderator, maybe if people really thought about using a glitch, or anything else not intended as honest game play, they would not complain when said glitch or hole in the game is exposed, as there will always be a new way to cheat in a game, Kano will do it's best to plug the hole. if someone has to cheat via a glitch or any other manner what does that say about a person.,
  2. Anthony Nurse

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    I have not used the glitch or any glitch cheat or anything else that u may bring up, but your response from yourself and others leaves alot to be desired, I am bored of this game because of your lack of help with genuine cheats alts bots etc so find me flabbergasted when u ban players for using a glitch but do nothing about the alts or other forms of cheating. The list of faults are many now with zs and the reaction about a glitch just go to show where your priorities lie in this game now.
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    I am a player and moderator, I have no control over what Kano does or does not do, if you are bored , why not move on to something else. if you are not enjoying playing, if you have an issue write to support and maybe a kano employee can help you, and my comment was a general statement not meant to point a finger at anyone, but to give my opinion about another moderators response, I am entitled to my opinion just as your are, we as Moderators, do not make any decisions about the games , we just try to steer people to the right avenue to get their issue taken cared of , ao have a nice day
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    I agree with this..its one thing if someone wants to open up their rival list and actually sit in front of the computer and click repeatedly to heal.
    I think that is playing legit and if kano doesnt like that they should just take that button away. it would be really easy.

    its a whole nother story if you can lock down the enter key then walk away and do something else while it auto heals for you.
    there's a word for that..its called "botting"!

    in any event, I know better than to attack anyone that's been on the hitlist for more than 30 seconds.....
  5. Anthony Nurse

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    I don't play I do gps then find a booby yet am still in contact with other players and I am expressing my views of these posts by the so called moderators, excuse my ignorance but I naturally assumed u both worked in some way for Kano because of your unwillingness to help the players just quote terms etc. also I have messaged them but have no reply, any more pointers for me to do?!?
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    Administrators work for Kano, Moderators are players who have volunteered to try to get players help , and writing to support is the best way to get an answer directly from Kano .
  7. Anthony Nurse

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    Have done no joy from Kano and as for steering people in the right direction I don't think relentless was steering but quoting terms and being judgmental of what has happened I would not say that's a role of a moderator,maybe he should be reviewed as a moderator.
  8. Relentless

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    IMO it is ridiculous that people are trying to blur the lines between what is ok and what is cheating.

    Kano have said before that any form of automated gameplay is against their rules and not how they intended for their games to be played.

    This enter key issue was a form of automation. It doesn't matter if it's a feature on your browser or one you installed on your computer, yourself.

    If there is a known glitch, bug or problem in the game, the first thing players should be doing is report it to support so it can be fixed asap. It seems a lot of players would rather abuse it to their advantage and when it is fixed, complain that it wasn't a problem in the first place.
  9. Wonder Bread

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    Wonder Bread's thoughts on Bugs and Exploits

    Hey everyone, just wanted to quickly weigh in on what I see to be the overarching theme of this thread, bugs and exploits.

    Quick definition:

    Bugs are small problems or glitches with the game that cause the game perform other than intended by the developers.

    Exploits are essentially bugs that produce some unintended benefit or effect in the game that was not intended by the developers.

    Using exploits, such as the Firefox enter button heal issue we've been discussing, is clearly against our Terms of Use, as it detracts from the overall player experience and is not a feature of the game as intended by the developers.

    Player feedback and support is the most effective method of removing bugs and exploits, and something we very much appreciate. That doesn't mean, however, that before an exploit is brought to or discovered by us that it's fair game to use. Abusing an exploit will get you frozen, as it goes against keeping the game fair and fun.

    On a happier note, to report a bug, either message a forum moderator (who will let us know) or email me at support. For an exploit, definitely just email me at support so I can look into it.

    Hopefully this clears things up a bit. Feel free to email support if you have any questions about bugs, exploits, or anything else.
  10. L1LOne

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    Wonder Bread? LOL....worst name ever!. :eek: It's prolly just Cara in disguise.
  11. Wonder Bread

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    I agree! It is the best name ever! Thank you for saying so. And it's true, the Wonder Bread costume is just a disguise, and not actually what I look like. You've found me out!
  12. alka

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    That's another of my issues. Why are we having posts deleted that don't show Kano in a good light? We know from our chat groups the issues we are having, but on the boards everything is rosy!!

    The other gripe is why the hell should we have to vote to have coding errors rectified? Never heard of that in any app I've played before..
  13. Deltan

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    There's nothing wrong with criticism about the games or about Kano, we welcome it in fact. But there's a difference between being critical and constructive and just being a negative nelly for the sake of it. You are the latter.

    "Coding error" is your opinion, we may not agree with you as has been discussed extensively in the past. If you find what you feel is a bug, please send it to support and we will make that determination. Thanks.
  14. So what

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    lets get one thing straight .....alka has been a loyal player to kano long befor you showed up
    and be FAIR hes been spot on about some issues

    y ATHEISTIC SATANIST REBORN was abusing his position as moderator FACT
    AND HENCE ...ppl stopping coming up here as the abuse was way to much and when they gave a comment against what ATHEISTIC said they were removed

    so in the intrest of moving forward

    prehaps could let bygones stay bygones and we all move forward together
  15. alka

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    Someone has just likened you to a "Water Cooler". I beg to differ as you at least get something you want from the cooler.
    As the game is played around the World I guess you really need to read up on culture.
    Start by looking up effects from banging one head against a brick wall and the outcome you can expect from it.

    Coding might be another word worth researching.
    Still got live buttons under live buttons. Reported...pointless cus you never listen.

    As for the name calling (negative nelly), I guess in your book that's positive and I can now understand why the MOD's are so rude when they have a trainer like you.
  16. AnnT

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    Someone above mentioned that we should have posted about the "abuse" with the heal button before...I'm here to tell you it's been reported directly to the devs, and on this forum, since it was first seen. It's been known about for a VERY long time.

    I understand that mods have to toe the line and give out the party line..mods have no control over the game...they're here to keep the peace, and that's about it. Been there, done that, thankless job that you cant' ever win...only lose.

    I've been around for almost 2 years now in ZS. I've been around in computer software, coding, and games a LOT longer. This heal button issue is a coding mistake. period. To put something into a game that's all about stats...and played by ppl who have nothing better to do than figure out how to get the BEST stats with the game they're given..and then to say "oh, btw, if you USE this button, you're cheating so don't do it" is just ... well....

    It's rather the same as happened with the hired squad. Put it in game and the very FIRST thing ppl found was that you could have 20% boost in your TS and have 100X (or whatever it was) your attack by buying all those brawlers in hired. Two things that SHOULD have been caught by testing. Took what..20 minutes? after the devs got notified of the problem to fix it, therefore..easy fix. in having a copy of the game, on another server...playing it with actual stats and playtime...

    In the interest of being positive tho, it IS a good game at it's base. Plenty of ways to play the game...attack oriented, defense, energy, bosses...others. It appeals to a load of different personality types. And the graphics are great. (in fact that's what drew me to it in the first place). This issue of cheating or not cheating, abusing is it cheating?, how MUCH is cheating?, where is the LINE about's ruining the fun for a great many people. :(
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  17. Anthony Nurse

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    As it happens ive seen alka come up with suggestions to help the game progress and if i seen any "negative nellys" its definitely kano and its little puppy moderators.
  18. L1LOne

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    Now now...don't get it twisted. I said WORST. A child could of came up with that Dan. Seeing how the bag is out lol. What makes me wonder...Wonder Woman still plays...Wonder is in you're name...she's also still in the Kano faction. Hence the sarcasm. Or Cara, which ever you feel like being called today ;)
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  19. L1LOne

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    I agree. The way, these admins/moderators. Approach comments / messages is silly, makes me question if there even is new ones. Do any of you mods-admins even play the game?...Least Cara did, YOU GOTTA PLAY IT TO UNDERSTAND AND KNOW IT...which I doubt judging from you're faction stats, and being hidden :)
  20. Anthony Nurse

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    no they dont just had a look out of the players in there only 20k gp has been done this week,but does that suprise you that none of of them play the game

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