[LCN] Hitlist Grace Period: Wednesday, August 16th

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Aug 15, 2017.

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  1. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    [EDIT: The release of this change has been delayed while we discuss alternate options - stay tuned!]

    Hi all,

    As promised in our update on July 18th, we'll be rolling out a change to hitlisting in LCN only, effective August 16th (this Wednesday.) This change will prevent you from listing someone until 60 seconds after the last time you put them on the list. Note that this only applies to the person who listed them; you can still be listed by other players even if you were listed within the last 60 seconds.

    The idea is this will give people enough time to do some jobs, collect GP or fight bosses without being killed again, so they can get positive XP even while they're on the list. It does limit your ability to chain the same person back to back, but many players have a whole list of potential victims; once you finish your list, your original target should be ready to list again. Our goal with this is more players staying in the game and more targets on the hitlist for everyone else.

    We'll be monitoring this change closely and keeping our eyes out for any issues, but if you experience wonky timing or any other technical problems please let us know either here or via support at http://support.kanoapps.com.

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions that helped lead to this release!
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  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    So, is trap button disabled as well during this cool-down period of 60 seconds?
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  3. tharealmathafacka

    tharealmathafacka New Member

    I think this is a joke and a waste of time...but whatever lmfao
  4. iggy

    iggy New Member

    omg its kindergarten all over again. Very bad move kano
  5. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    one of worst ideas ever!!....
  6. BaBa B00ey

    BaBa B00ey New Member

    Don't want people to power list you???? Build your bounty!!!! In addition, your inflated bounty should reset at the end of the day with the rest of your dailies.
  7. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    WTG Kano - you just made sure that they one being listed has plenty of time to set a new rig & prepare to chain rig! You keep "fixing" the wrong damn things in the game. Quit wasting time fixing something that ain't broke and get busy doing things that will make a difference, LIKE: workshop, new cities, etc. If someone does not wish to be listed right away, then they should not heal after being killed. Staying dead for a few minutes is the best way to discourage a chain lister anyway.
  8. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Hey JADES, no, the trap button won't be disabled. If you hitlist someone, they will be able to set up traps against you during the 60 second window before you can list them again.

    If it turns out that this change makes Rig Ignition too good, we can evaluate that for sure. Rig Ignition was always intended to help people fight back against people chain listing them, and @Marshal O.P. Rockwell you're correct that right now staying dead is more effective than using rigs. We think this is a problem, since people are more likely to just take a break from playing than they are to stick around not doing anything hoping the lister will give up. We're expecting to see people continue to play despite being listed, thus giving people a wider variety of targets on the list and keeping more players engaged and having fun in-game.

    I know this might not be your guys' favourite change, and believe me we are going to keep a close eye on the results. I will say that this is a relatively small change to make and that we are mostly focused on larger issues you mention. Hopefully this will help address the concerns of quite a few players that we haven't heard from via the forums.
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  9. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    thank you for finally doing something to help with the problems of chaining
  10. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    you should be all for it since you get chained alot
  11. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    that does not always work Marshall. I stay dead all the time after someone starts chaining me. but after I wait for a little bit, they got a window open on my link and the minute I try to play a boss, I get chained again, not only by the one person but by the whole syndicate. but I do agree that staying dead for awhile does stop the chaining all together even if a person cannot play much and most likely will quit the game after awhile also
  12. Rsantos12n

    Rsantos12n New Member

    We'll learn how to chain rig lol
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  13. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I know how to chain rig. I rather just stay dead and go do stuff with my kids and wife.:)
  14. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    There is already an effective deterrent to chain listing in place anyway. Every time you are listed, your bounty cost increases by 25% of your base hitlist. For example: If your base hitlist amount is $100 billion, then each time you are listed the cost will increase by $25 billion ($125 billion, $150 billion, etc). Also, you are given the protection option after 10 hits (it was higher in the past, but is currently only 10). Buy property to increase your income & base hitlist. You can approximate your base hitlist using this formula: Base Hitlist = 6.8 x Net Income.
  15. Kano this is a very disappointing change to the rules., not only does it take away the fever and fury of the action but discourages listing of mobsters. You already have increasing cost of bounties which slows the action at a self regulating pace. What is next 5 seconds between attacks, 20 seconds between jobs or one minute between challenge helps? While you are at it lets set up an auto rigging feature that allows someone listed to turn on like the medic so they dont have to click and do it themselves. The days of speed rigging are over arent they, taking away one of my personal favourite strategies. Now I have to wait 60 seconds for the opponents timer to be up, I guess I can head to farmville and grow a patch of strawberries, harvest them and come back. By then the opponent or I will be onto another aspect of the game. You might as well set up a "demon" like they ran in MW to auto play the game, I can tell you one thing I wont be purchasing any FP anytime soon. I will choose to spend my dollars someplace other than here if this is the kind of changes, game play removal, you decide to make. I hope someone takes a dump in your wheaties because you certainly have pissed in mine.

  16. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    I guess the Kano Devs believe that we are all too damn stupid to think for ourselves, so they feel the need to wrap us in cotton padding to protect us from making stupid mistakes in the game. Heaven forbid that some poor daft idiot who has not bothered to learn how to play the game should actually get all butthurt because someone used their superior knowledge of how the game is played to spank them for being too damn lazy to learn how to play or for talking out of their ass in Lounge chat.
  17. DoMiNa

    DoMiNa New Member

    Will you change the name Bounty Blotz?
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  18. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    OMG...I actually have to agree with Matha on something.
  19. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    Maybe they will change it to 'Bounty Pause'
  20. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

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