Game Update: Rivals Heal Link Adjustment

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. blairwitchseal

    blairwitchseal New Member

    This has had an adverse affect to my game. I have allocated a great deal of SPs to my health and relied on the Rivals heal link to both level quicker and to ride the hitlist. I have spent both time and money on this game and now feel I am being penalised by this move. What now??
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Now those that use bots to catch bounties will get you.
  3. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Hm, definitely a helpful change. We'll see which kind of effect it will have in the long run. And yes, the bot or macro-user will have an advantage. It might flush them out, though. Suddenly becoming too successful at hunting should definitely raise some flags.

    By the way, I found the normal healing always easier for bounty rides, the Rival Heal button was sometimes too much of a risk, especially if 2 or more heavy hitters attacked.
  4. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin New Member

    Well this will ruin the game for people who ride the list. It now makes it virtually impossible to ride the hit list and for higher levels there goes our rival list. Another great fix for something that wasn't broken. I understand you have to stop people cheating and catch the bots - but now you have ruined this part of the game. Unless you limit the speed that people can attack you while riding the hit list, you have completely removed that aspect of the game.
  5. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    this will only be bad for say for a couple of weeks because now they will pull out all of the people useing the bots so its not going to kill you lol just chill out guys. it will only bad for a little while but now that this in place ill say once again that the bot users will now be able to get taken out meaning the game will be fair again
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    What about the impact that "tweaking" the rival heal tab will have on battle leveling...especially for those at the higher levels? Im not a big battle levelers but I do perform the arduous task from time to time. This will only increase the amount of time it takes to get ones 5k attacks in and give boss leveling more of an edge than it already has. At the higher levels 5k attacks only levels us a couple of u want to add to that by making it take longer? With the jumps in XP needed increases at certain level intervals, the much lesser drop ratio for battles vs bosses , the 5k limit and now almost seems u are trying to deter players from battle leveling. Is this the case? Either way....the heal button has been the way it was for well over a year. The more i think about this the more negatives I see and the only positive being that it "might" help curb alt use. Honestly I just dont see it being worth it. Why would anybody use a bot to heal on bounty anyways? Theres no XP to be gained so whats the advantage to doing so? does nothing to help catching bot users that are attacking someone on bounty....which in my opinion would be much more likely as there is certainly something to be gained. Thirdly...... is it even possable to use a healing bot while on bounty? Isnt there a lil more to it than just turning it off n on? By the time someone realizes they are on bounty do they actually have time to get it going before they are dead? Im starting to think this whole bot thing is just a ruse to try and sell us something we wouldnt normally want to buy.
  7. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin New Member

    There is no way this makes the game fair - it makes it totally unfair - it gives the advantage to people attacking and no chance to legitimate people who ride the list. It removes that completely. BAD MOVE. They already have programs in place to catch people using bots when riding the list and now they don't need to worry about that because no one will ever ride the list.
  8. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Thank you Pimp.
  9. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    First off, I got listed twice today, first in KanoPlay (formerly MS). I have a level 3500 ish character. The tactical setup I used there failed. The skull healing button worked just as a tube of sand would in gearbox; just as advertised with the change. Congrats.

    Secondly, I got listed in FB. Could heal forever if I liked conventionally. Am a tough guy there over level 21000. Few folks are going to be able to dent me even. I died the way I wanted, on my own terms. No issues. Healed till I got what I wanted done. Comes with the turf.

    The concern I have is that well, folks do like healing on the bounty. My little guy in Kanoplay liked to heal. He could get up to about a minute or two being hit, and annoy folks trying to kill him who are much stronger than him. So ... my enjoyment factor went to the dogs ... would I have built my character the way I did knowing the way the heal works at present? No. I would be a bit more balanced and likely 500 levels lower or have quit that game entirely. If it ain't fun, it won't run nor will I. A fun element was taken away here. Do not kid yourselves.

    What I did use the skull heal however to do as a smaller player, i.e. level 300 to level 1000, was to join war mode, and defend myself from rivals: recall everyone gets 5 attacks. We do not have the RVV (oops!) FAQ here on this type of play or perhaps a fan club / booklet sold "VC for Dummies" ... but if a level 500 wanted to play war mode at least they would not be killed so often when a high level attacked them. They had a skill move to use to defend themselves. Now? They are dead meat to heal and an impetus to play war mode for some went down. BTW war mode is the only thing keeping me playing. The regular game is boring to the nines. So you have discouraged a bit of that activity here.

    Now the levelers, they likely got used to the skull heal button, and clicked away or the cheats put on an auto clicker ... and quickly the 5000 hits were done on them or by them. I know of one player who proudly used an auto clicker, who has been reported, who hunted and slapped while healing for others with two computers; you did not toss him out. I did my own opprobrium to deal with him and list him whenever I am inclined. Still playing he is and now perhaps his autoclicker you can find as it is somehow distinguishable from thrashing on the heal button or bounty button (in a pig's eye). He ought to be less adept at healing for anyone, and hunting and slapping at the same time. Should see less of his bounty success :D I doubt however you will catch him. Remember the word "cadence" and how many times I have said this to you and your staff over the years. Did it ever work or be implemented? If it was, we would not be here, right? <rhetorical>

    Good luck. Hope you know what you are doing. I think you have taken one step forward and a step and a half back.
  10. Semper Fi

    Semper Fi New Member

    My first time writing on here, but I felt I had to voice my opinion. You took away the "skull" heal from everyone earlier today. That was supposed to level the playing field. Well, some already found a way around it and can "ride" the list as long as they want now. It might not have been ideal before, but now it is just not fair. I have spent ALOT of money playing this game and I am not happy.
  11. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member


    BTW Polish I doubt there are anything but custom bots available for the game, that Kano and other companies have to constant iterate their games to defeat. Why folks pay hackers for same, I have no clue. But they are out there or honeypots by developers out there to "employ."

    With respect to "bots" and the casual use of the term, I suspect strongly we are normally discussing autoclickers and juiced mice in play and some setups I am not going to discuss publicly.

    I do want to state that some folks are just that good at this game so as to be suspect and even wish to encourage at times suspicions, to piss off their enemies, and expose them as ding dong wing nuts as payback. They know how to play, read everything said by skilled players (great respect to Polish and to Black Bolt!) on how to play, know what to do, and are skilled enough to take it the next level. That is the sad contrast to this whole discussion. Removing a feature to catch cheats that in reality won't do a thing to catch cheats. I hope I am wrong but I don't think I am: its about cutting support costs and the jealous whining about the skills of other players. Enough said. It won't be a challenge to kills some of my enemies who like to heal no more. BAM BAM Your Dead!
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    What do u mean " finding away around it"? Players like myself and others were able to ride the list well before the skull heal came into being. How? high defense, high health and a quick n steady finger. Lots of good reasons to bring back the skull heal....this just isnt one of the better ones. It is valid though....I personally would have added even more to health and defense had it not been for the skull heal tab. Or are you saying they have found some other way?
  13. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Fellas you cannot fix everything at once. I for one am happy that things are being made equal. All I ask for is a level playing field. First the healing bots and autoclickers. One step at a time. I know the frustration of watching the Bounty Bots at work. Funny thing people who rarely communicate in the game always come up with the same players who are using one. In my opinion cheating is ruining the FB Game. The latest one I heard yesterday I am not gonna reveal in here. I will send it on to Kano. It is almost beyond my comprehension that people invest so much time and effort to cheat at a game. Keep in mind I spent 30 years as a fraud investigator so you have to go along way to shock me. I am shocked. Kano has a bigger problem on their hands then they realize.
  14. ben

    ben Active Member

    sorry but they should of looked at both sides of the coin on this one... they only looked at one side...
  15. Semper Fi

    Semper Fi New Member

    I don't see MW LCN in your list of games you play. I play on FB and Kong. I am specifically talking about Kong MW LCN since that is the game I have recently invested in. I know Kong and I know who is strong and who isn't. Most of the strong mobs can't ride nearly as long as they used to be able to and some weaker, newer, lower levels are able to ride. I don't know how, but they can. A secret or a bot, I have no idea, but what I was trying to say in my post was that anyone used to be able to ride and it was fun. Now, only a select few, (Not the well proportioned accounts) seem to have an advantage.
  16. so when the auto-hitlist will be on?! can't see any on the bounty .
  17. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    What is being made equal? Exactly. Your chance to add content to a discussion for a change. It was equal before the change as it is after the change. Nothing different.

    What is a bounty bot? Someone who can catch bounties that you cannot? The casual use of the term bot is getting real old. There are many techniques in playing these game that are quite skillful. Your denigration of others with broad brushes is tiring. And hurting the game on one level you appear to care about.
  18. poco

    poco New Member

    It is a good idea to catch the bots. You went from 3-4 to 44ish. I'm a regular player and cant even ride the hitlist no more. I will need to double my health from 20k to 40k. I would ride losses or wins no matter what. Dumb idea. At least lower the reset.
  19. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    Still easy to heal with a tablet..

    Good move though i think.

    gonna upset a few high levs who used a clicker on the heal on one puta and attacked to level on another

    I see myself standing a better chance of gettin more bountys now so im all for it

    Nice one

    Q bot
  20. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    It makes perfect sense. If i attack someone on the hitlist and that counts towards my normal in game attacks then I should get xp for it. If I spend 20 stamina taking someone on my fight list off the hitlist and don't get xp, then I only get 20 more attacks on them for the rest of the day, yet I got no xp for the first 20 that I should have. You get xp from attacking because there are a limited amount of attacks you can do on someone a day, and for some reason hitlist attacks count towards that...

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