free UN for people from UK and US?

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  1. Hey guys.

    Just a question. Is it true that people from US and UK have an opportunity to earn UN credits in something called ´deal of the day´ section in ´The UN´? You guys can watch some video or something and earn UN credits? I cant do such a thing and somehow it feels unfair.. even racist! LOL. But maybe its just me, maybe I am hypersensitive.. will there be anything like that for us, poor europeans, in the near future too? Kano people?
  2. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I also know people who have said you can get free UN by watching a short video but i am yet see any.

    I don't think that it's Kano who have control over what offers we get, so it could be the company that does do them that are limiting them to certain Countries.
  3. Linda

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    They are outside companies advertising their products ,(including maybe insurance or cell phone companies) when I get a chance will go look what some of them are and if your country is a consumer maybe you can write to them, but are you sure you are looking in the right place for them,anyway will check it out later when I get home from work. Looking quickly right now there is just one and ya have to order flowers from i 800 flowers for Mothers day lol ,did not see any videos for today
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  4. Scooter Bryce

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    No we don't get any special treatment... there is a Deal of the Day... to BUY something like over priced flowers for Mother's Day etc etc... all Items that I have seen are either over priced or not needed and expensive.
    So if you are jealous of this you can have mine. You know everything about these games is designed to make you spend money.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Offers are different for every country.. For me, I can see only 15 offers in total lol.. Use proxy to any preferred country, you will see what kind of offers they have ;)
  6. alka

    alka Banned

    In the UK we do or did get free UN's for watching video's. Sometimes the same video would come up over and over but still pay out.
    I've not seen a video for over a week now. All that's showing at the moment is "Shop and Earn" and "Body Shop" and some music crap.
    On the "Earn Favor (Favour) Points" there is a chance to get 3 UN's by adding Beacon Bingo FB app. Just load app and never play it, easy UN'
  7. 1000

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    man.... I love U.K :))) where can I find this video???
  8. Eraser

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    Its unexplainable... No matter where you are at, You should have some sort of offer available to you.

    I had this same problem, and Yes I am from the united states. When I first heard of the "free un" and offers... I was so confsed. I felt jipped, as I am sure you do now. In my faction on myspace then I everyone had the offers available to them but one other person and myself.

    The other person that did not have the offeres available sent dozens of emails back and forth to kano, and never got a solution, in the end, months after the original email, all that kano could say is. "sorry".

    some months down the line after i discoved that there where offers that where not available to me. They just magically apeared on my screen one day.

    Dont be fooled, you can get a lot of UN from thees offers. The videos easily pay 10 un a week. netflix free trial pays you 100, pays you 125 and it cost me something like 6 dollars, There have been several apps that you can just put on facebook on your phone that pay 1-3 un each, I have probably recieved 30 un or better from taking serveys, and there are several programs that you can download on your computer, and a few UN, then directly uninstall for after you get the payment.

    One of my friends told me, he did an offer for direct tv or dish, something like that, it payed him 1200 un for just signing up for the service that he already had, and when the guy showed up to install, he just the technician that he only meant to change the name to his wifes for personal purposes. He got 1200 un (more than the lottery pays) For NOTHING.... (I never got to see that offer, it expired before they where available to me)

    I suggest you start emailing kano, Although my friend chris' emails ended in nothing for him, sometime down the road, The offers just showed up for me. I have always suspected that he included me in his email and the devs figured out a fix for it down the road after he quit the game.

    Email support, see if they can get you fixed up with the offers. They like people getting the FREE UN from the offers because THEY GET PAID cash money for it. They dont care if what race you are. just as long as your money is "green" so to speak. I dont think they care what color ink your country uses to print their notes.
  9. clubber

    clubber Member

    Well Kano sure make some more "new friends" outside UK or US. Why so much difference between US/UK and the rest of EU or any other countries?

  10. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    there r many reason offers very from place to place......think of it like this, the offer cost money to the people that make them ,so it would be the most wise to put the offers n areans that will turn into some kind of revenue...just like tv its advertisement, at least with the n places where there r lots of people there will be more offer ext ext...
  11. Linda

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    umm , maybe the companies that offer the videos do not sell their products in other countries, I cannot see 1800 flowers delivering flowers to other countries, for example or an insurance company, etc
  12. slave

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    yes we get free un from videos, no we dont know when or where or how many, sometimes its alot sometimes its one. you have to seek them out, they dont come to you, if you make it part of your play u can do pretty well on them. Beast is right, they are advertising products that they hope you will buy, if those products are not availalbe to you or your area, then why would they waste the money putting the commercial out to you. im sure kano gets a piece of the action by allowing them to advertise through their game, and by advertising kano gives us 1 un when you watch a commerical. why are there more in the us and uk? cant answer that one unless the results from the advertising tell them that is where to spend their advertising dollar. its unfortunate yu dont have them in your area, they are a nice little bonus when you can get them. i am only talking about the free un from an advertisement, there are also plenty of pay for un advertisements as well, but those arent as nice as free
  13. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    I dont think he get the offers at all is the problem... Im sure there are offers availablbe to his country, even if its not as many. Im pretty darn sure my friend Ken gets some offers, and he lives in Malaysia.
  14. Linda

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    well he should write his congressman lol
  15. alka

    alka Banned

    I think you'll find Facebook control the advertising.
    Because of Trading Laws it is not possible for Companies to Advertise wherever they please.
  16. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    I have never heard of free UN from watching videos, and im from the US. I must not pay much attention.
  17. alka

    alka Banned

    I can only see Netflix and Bodyshop on the Kano site
  18. alka

    alka Banned

    I spend a fortune on making sure my kids get every channel available for them, so I'll pass on Netflex. After all, I have nothing to spend them on and I see no point spending more un's than can be won in the Arena.
    I'll stick to the vids, at least I can open another page while they are running. Although, Edith Piaf is beginning to get on my tits...
  19. Nelson Yoong JunNam

    Nelson Yoong JunNam New Member

    I everyday just got this message only :/ - Sorry no deal of the day available, try again tomorrow! ..I just got seen it 1 time for last 2 month ago
  20. Ok, I had now 2 different videos (one with skyfall/heineken was there like 3-4 times and still paid the UNs after watching) in last month, so I got my free UNs too. Everything ok now in Central Europe as well.. LOL

    I will move to the UK in two weeks. I wonder if there will be some new offers avaible and new free UNs.. :D

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