For all you crybabies, moaners and complainers. About Riding HL.

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  1. 'Nick Gunther

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    There are auto click programs that people can download off the internet, so the term "auto heal" is true.
    People can just set there mouse at a certain position (as pointed out in the video) and let the auto click work it's magic.

    Because people aren't going to sit there for 5 hours clicking.
  2. Relentless

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    Hot keys, automation, a bot, whatever. It's against Kano's TOU and they have software to detect and ban this very thing.
  3. 'Nick Gunther

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    It hasn't stopped people from making programs/bots to be discrete.
    Plus, the amount of actual programs out there that allow people to do these kinds of things is ridiculous.
  4. Relentless

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    I think people need to understand that when you see someone on the hitlist for a few hours, they dont spend that whole time clicking the heal button. Probably for the first 15 minutes they have people spamming the attack trying to take them down but after that there would only be a the odd few who really try to get them and they are always the low levels who seem to think they have a chance when there only doing 30 damage each attack.

    Most people who heal for hours know they have enough health to be able to move around the game and do things without someone being able to knock them to 0 health before they have time to heal. If they don't let a friend kill them, they are more then likely ready to die and just don't heal when people do have ago at them.
  5. 'Nick Gunther

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    Everytime I attack someome who is on the hitlist who has been online for more then 15 minutes, whenever they get past half health, they're health always, and I'm going to repeat it, always goes back up to full hp. And that's no matter how long they're on the hitlist for. 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours, 12 hours, etc.

    The only reasonable explanation is that they're using the youtubes videos idea, plus an autoclick feature.
    Because most people sit there and keep hitting the person until they kill them. Largely for the achievements.
  6. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    That is complete crap that they have to be using an auto click feature.
    Your basically saying that because you can't kill them they have to be cheating.

    GET REAL! You have to think about what kind of health and def these players have.

    There were times on Hi5 i could heal on the hitlist at level 900 with 20k health and NO def.

    I know it can be done without doing anything but using your mouse to click heal.
  7. 'Nick Gunther

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    So you're saying that a level 500 can last 1hr - 5hrs on the hitlist, but a majority of the leaderboard can't stay on there for longer then 10 minutes? Even after the new hired squad feature?

    If you can give me a reasonable explanation to as why, then I'd love to change my mind about this. But as for now, considering the amount of players online at one time, considering the amount of players who sit there waiting for people to be put on the hitlist, and then calculating the sheer volumes of attacks a person can take in under 10 seconds by those people alone, is pretty high up there.
  8. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    You didn't read my post.

    A level 500 wouldn't be able to ride for very long unless they were all def and health, even then, strong players would be able to nab them.

    When people talk about riding the hitlist, they are generally talking about the highest levels. They have a lot of health and usually a good strong def.

    I am trying to tell you, that those who ride the list are well known for doing so. So once people see they are healing, they give up. You'll always have rival players try hard to get you but they always get to a point where it's just not worth the stam. I'd say around the 15-20 minute mark. So the healer can start to move around a little, they work their rivals list, maybe kill a boss or two.

    They then get the odd attack here and there, some people will even put 30-50 stam on them again but the healer would be ready to click the heal button once there health started to go down. It's not like they go into the ER in 3 attacks.

    You need to think, are players really going to be hitting someone on the hitlist and probably losing, none stop for an hour or more?

    There's no way.

    For the most part, when someone heals for hours, they are not being attacked at all.

    To prove this. The next time you see a high level healing, go to their profile and attack them, it will show you their health bar. Watch and learn.
  9. slave

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    Most times if i catch it early i can ride for as long as i wish, when you see my health go back to full, its because i hit the heal button, i hit the heal button when i see someone attacking me, i get a message when people attack me. i dont ride for hours, mostly because i get bored and would rather concentrate on taking someone else off the list and getting cash and achievements, instead of riding the list for not much other than a bigger fight list. once ive been on the list for five minutes or so, i usually have the fight list i need, so i then message someone i know and let them know im ready to be "collected" if that doesnt work for you, im sorry, it just means your chance of collecting a rider is very slim unless you know one.....
    deal with it, level up, build your slayer and someday you will be riding and people will be accusing you of cheating when YOU KNOW ITS NOT TRUE....

    how would you like that?

    47 minute ride before the skull button.....
    no idea how long i could ride with it....
  10. Fusheng

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    you spent 3 hrs clicking heal ...WHY lol
    theres a world out there lol
  11. I just find riders boring. They're not really impressing anyone after the first 20 minutes or so.
  12. L1LOne

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    Lol. I can ride all day if I wanted, its real boring after the first 30 mins or so. I love riding the list, I'm not trying to impress anyone...or are you just jealous you can't kill that rider? lol lol lol lol lol. ;)

    I only do it to have a fight list. Once you get past 1000 in level, you'll understand.:p
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  13. alka

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    I guess you have to be able to do it to understand it. Plus it's a good way to recoup some of the xp you'll lose.
    However, the heal button makes it almost impossible to get knocked off the list if you have decent health, hence most peeps with half a brain give up after a few shots when seeing the listed healing. So it's not an impressive thing to do, it's a flaw in the game that allows it to be so easy if you spot you've been listed soon enough. :(
  14. AlterEgoT

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    boy isn't that the truth! lol.
  15. AlterEgoT

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    it's just the way their share does it. it's youtube not some hacked thing.
  16. Yup, It's just Youtubes internal URL shortener for posting links... :)

    Similar to the service ;)
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    Riding the list is a great way to frustrate your rivals. I personally love it when I know my rivals are salivating at the thought of catching my bounty when I know they cant. Its also a great way to get a rival page together. It would suck however if you had to heal fervently the whole time, fortunately for myself Ive gotten to the point I can continue playing my game as usual while on the list. what I find exceptionally funny is those that continue to bounty me...even tho they know im gonna ride it out until i can insure who i want to get it gets it and then turn around and use there own money to bounty them multiple times. The real beauty is that they know they cant catch you.....but they just cant help themselves because they are blinded by dollar signs. Just thinking about it makes me feel all warm n fuzzy

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