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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Seppo, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    There are some weird fightlist actions in i guess all kanogames atm... nothing to hit, whacked mobsters etc what they are in other games are gone most of time or just one there.... friend said she saw half of her lvl in fightlist. is there soemthing wrong or just hiccup?
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  2. Harrys Mum

    Harrys Mum Member

    I haven't had whacked mobsters in my fight list for over 6 months now, even when there are only a few live ones??? my fight list isn't full, anyone know what's going on......
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I believe it's 5 or 6 healed on fight list no option for whacked mobsters, there is also a toggle button to turn them on/off if under that amount.
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I always have them in FB VC, PC and ZS but rarely if ever in LCN (and that changed when the Mafia war players came to the game, before that I always had whacked mobbies,)which give me a giant fight list but I can only beat a few., but being LCN is not my main game I really don't care, I just dio fight DGPs .

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