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    Its always funny when people say that - 'What's the matter, can't fight your own battles?'
    1. because since they sent the message, they are easy to find. I could have forgotten otherwise.
    When you belong to a syndicate, you get the benefits and drawbacks.
    Now when I am listed ten times,out of the blue, I remember.
    I lose track of the link of the player but remember he was much higher.
    I cannot forget the syndicate name though.
    So obviously, there's a target there.
    So when another player from that syndicate, sure who is stronger. chains, well, there's bodies to hit the floor.
    And being a franchise mess of syndicates, they are pretty easy to find through their connections and there's been over a hundred kills now to repay those ten hits on me.
    Now they probably think I am a bad guy who can't fight his own battles but I can kill And I fight the syndicate not the player.
    They have no idea where it started.
    It could have started as a tussle between higher levels on my syndicate against theirs.
    But it ripples out and will never stop as there is any negotiation.
    Instead if u try to add to negotiate, you get called punk which is really retard.
    So you begin to realize that you are fighting a syndicate of retards lol
    If someone publicizes themselves as assassins and there's a 100 of them and they cannot keep u dead, they have a serious identity problem.
    Anyway, happy mobbing and kill who you want, do not worry about battles.
    There's a group karma to be dealt with and outplayed.
    Is godfather an synonym for somebody who gets everybody killed like live and let die.
    Seems theres a lot of that around where sheep gather around the powerful shepherd who is feeding them to the lions on a daily basis.lol
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    "Syndicate of Retards", now that would be an awesome synd name - know of a few who should consider taking that name.
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    same mess, different day

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