[ZS] Faction War Prizing Revisions - September 15th

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    Phew! Lots of feedback on the changes to Faction Wars payouts for the last event. Thank you to all of you for bearing with us and being patient while we rolled out these updates.

    First of all, we apologize to those of you who had issues claiming rewards from the event. This was the first time we’ve made substantial changes in quite a long time and there were some unexpected consequences. If you are still missing rewards or have concerns about the payout for the September 1st-5th event, please let us know at http://support.kanoapps.com.

    The big news is that this weekend’s Faction War will have expanded prizing to reach more factions, particularly those who used to win more often under the old overall prizing.

    For the last event, we scaled prizing back to 20% of each faction with a minimum of 6 factions per division winning rewards. Going forward, we’ll be extending this quite a bit for Division A and to a lesser extent Division B, to help ensure that people who used to win rewards under the old prizing system will still qualify for them. This should help encourage competitive play in the higher tiers while also ensuring that you need to show some hustle to collect rewards.

    We’ve also cleaned up a number of bugs and collection problems that came up during the first event, so things should be easier to use and smoother to run this time around. We’d love to hear any feedback you guys have over the weekend, so please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks again for your understanding and for being a part of the Zombie Slayer community!
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    bout that time u guys re-do this! cause like i said in that last thread about it, it was unfair to others who are tryin there best! An right now where u guys have put it i am actually Happy now cause it gives all others a chance to win at least something besides wasting Favor Points ;)
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