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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Moon Dogg, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Moon Dogg

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    A week ago I downloaded the Mob Wars LCN app to my android phone. I managed to get to level 107. All the while noticing at the top of the screen in game... It says "Account is insecure." I investigated that. So I clicked on it taking me to the server page. There's two servers Facebook server 1 and Kano apps server 2. My Facebook account is active however I don't have a Kano account. So I went and searched Google for Kano's home site. I found and created an account. So I go back to the LCN app. I go to the server page again. I attempt to login to my active Kano account. Ineffective. I asked Google to search for Facebook to Kano merger. I found this site and a conversation. The other guy was having the exact issue and he was able to fix it I guess. But he was on a computer. I am on a android. I still don't know how to merge my Facebook account with my Kano account. My Facebook mobster is level 109. I really don't feel like starting over. My question is... HOW DO I MERGE MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WITH MY KANO ACCOUNT ON A ANDROID WITHOUT ENDANGERING MY CHARACTER. I really don't feel like resetting. Someone please respond.
  2. Steven Jordan

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    If you want your account on app or server 1 linked to Facebook, it would have been easiest to use Facebook Id to log in when setting up your account.

    Since it doesn't sound like you did that, send a ticket to support.

    Since you play on android app, send a support ticket through the app. Go to FAQ/SUPPORT in the menu on right side and send a ticket.

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