Downtime results in free stuff for you!

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  1. Deltan

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    Hey Everyone,
    You've probably noticed we've had some outages lately, and that our games went down a few times in the past few weeks. We've worked hard to identify and solve problem, and we've made sure that glitch won't bother us again. But we know the downtime was frustrating, and to make it up to you we've created some powerful items that we're giving away for free. Zombie Slayer and Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra players get the Troubleshooter, a powerful sniper rifle that guns down targets from afar. Pirate Clan and Viking Clan players recruit the Kano Assassin, a legendary warrior who specializes in shadowy stealth kills. Players need to have started playing prior to March 2 as that's when we had our downtime. You'll have until Monday March 12 to claim these free items, starting today. Thank you for your patience and understanding during our difficulties. We hope you enjoy these free gifts.
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  2. Gazember

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    Thanks for the 4 gifts Kano!
  3. Jon Ward

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    Thank you also Kano for the gift.
  4. [lcn]

    We're sorry for the downtime
    Please accept this special gift, the Trouble Shooter, as a token of our appreciation for your patience, understanding and support during our recent outages.
    This item will be available to claim untill Monday March 12th.

    You received 1 Trouble Shooter.
    We hope you enjoy this free gift, thanks for your understanding and patience during our recent outages!
    The Trouble Shooter has a higher defense than your currently equipped item. Equip item now!

    It actually says "untill" I did not do that.
  5. thanks a lot nice and good limited:cool:
  6. thanks for the weapon :) but i think it should have been a good armor btw:p :cool:
  7. So, people who joined after the fracas also get this item?
  8. Thanks, it's much appreciated.
  9. Alex Protovici

    Alex Protovici New Member


    I haven`t received my gift, is there a process to get it?
  10. jon french

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    Nice gesture, impressed, thank you kindly
  11. kayjay

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    thanks mark and friends ...............
  12. geff gur

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    awesome possum! thanks! :)
  13. Red Alert

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    É muito bom ver atitudes de empresas como neste caso a Kano que dá a cara por admitir falhas nos seus jogos e dar em troca algo como este presente neste caso e ja na transição do hi5, não podiam fazer melhor com 2 transfers packages para escolha a quem dedicou tanto tempo e dinheiro neste Mob Wars LCN...muito obrigado Kano :)))
  14. DoNRaDu

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    finally something free from you guys! i was expecting this for a long time lol. thanks!
  15. Sloth Homuculous

    Sloth Homuculous New Member

    how do i get the free gift?
  16. DoNRaDu

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    P.S. you should crash more often :D
  17. jon french

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    rofl - indeed!!!
  18. Smack

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    No. Anyone who joined from March 2nd onward does not qualify for this item. Our last major outage was a Cache server crash on the evening of March 1.
  19. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Head to the Home page and if you qualify (created account before March 2) you should see something like this:

  20. Thank You All

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