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  1. elrusso08

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    Regards Comunity.

    Instead of appearing all those prices of 25fps per color, Kano should make only one option for all games. I explain>>>>>
    Red Letters 100Fps The player who buy this colour will have his nickname in red in all Kano games. That way Kano could save a lot of memory process and in the Grids and make things a little easier for users.:D

    1 Color for 100Fps and you could use that color in all games. As the prices were in the beginning, they should continue that way but would have that color available in all Kano Apps. 1 Color=100fps.o_O (Just give the global access of that color to other Kano Apps)
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  2. Survival Streak 0

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    This idea is too late to implement :p
    Everyone that has bought a colour would be sending in tickets
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  3. Hobo

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    hilarious how the mobsters who spent 100 fps for a painted name could have just waited and got a drastically better deal. 25fps is a huge reduction in price. sometimes having a little self control goes a long way.
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  4. elrusso08

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    Painted nicknames are fun this month;)

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