Bounty/Hitlist Within Range Achievements Are Now Available!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Sour_Rubbish

    Sour_Rubbish Member

    I think a good achievement.
    Can be added to achievement the number of money spent (The opposite collecting money).
  2. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    i thought they discontinued pc, my bad
  3. Ploppy

    Ploppy New Member

    Rather tricky for high level players would'nt ye say ?
  4. ben

    ben Active Member

    yea i would say i have only 11 in my range ... its just not right for the higher levelers thats for sure ...
  5. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    all 11 twice a day and youll have those achievements in no time...or a year....whats the big hurry?
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  6. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I guess that whole leveling into oblivion finally caught up to you LMFAO :p
  7. Armin

    Armin New Member

    KANO, this sucks, hard enough to get people into the game but keeping them there will be impossible now
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  8. PaganWench

    PaganWench Active Member

    Oh come on, Carpet Bagger, English is clearly not her native language - that was unfair. If you want to be a grammar Nazi, you might want to use words like "nowhere", "can't" and "don't".
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  9. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    lol hes a chip off the old block ;p you should be glad you dont have to live with him and hear him argue the most pointless stuff just to get a good debate in haha
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  10. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    couldnt have said it better myself bud...well....i could have but my post would have been deleted ;p hahaha
  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Ya know some of you ask for stuff but ya want it for what you have done already and if that is the case you will be asking next week for something else, this is something actually for players to strive for, since that is what achievements are supposed to be, so stop whining, look at it from a different perspective and if ya really want to play a game, play it on a platform that actually has alot of players.
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  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Not sure where you play on FB new players come in daily ,some days I cannot keep up with the invites and I only add people that send a friend, do not like codes, I imagine too many alts can come in that way.
  13. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    or make it so that we can all play on the same platform....i need some more competition and whiners to beat to a bloody pulp....KING KONG AINT GOT NUTHIN ON ME!!! ;p
  14. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Exactly. He could spend the coin to bounty me multiple times, but he doesn't anymore. And he won't do anything in the other games, either. Such a punk.
  15. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    more like a waste of account space...ill never understand these people that just hoard fake money to add to their profit just to hoard it even more lol all theyre doing is helping these games die out which will bite them in the ass even more cause theyve spent the money to keep it going haha how much sense does that make? people are weird
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  16. RedTurtleGames

    RedTurtleGames Active Member

    I agree with JADES... Not sure why it wouldn't be honorable to hitlist someone much higher than your level.
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Sometimes ya have to do what ya have to do lol:eek: and fun to rile them up :p
  18. Gunny from PC

    Gunny from PC Member

    I'm a level 10012 in, PC and my range is is 4000 - 16000. Pretty sure it shouldn't be too difficult to make achievements out of that range ;-)

    I appreciate, Kano for trying to bring new aspects in to the game to keep it challenging and interesting. Of course changes won't always make everyone happy but at least give them a chance before you go off of the deep end. A change just may do you good.
  19. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    The strange is that, for some high level its honorable to list some lower levels as they have a wider range, but for the lower level its not honorable to list him back.
  20. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    let's not get stuck on the word ""honorable"", it is kill or be killed ;)
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