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  1. hi everyone

    i see bounty and i went to get and i culd not kill the guy he was healing so fast and i can attack him 8-9 times before i run out if my health and he heal up 3 times when i attack him with full health ? also im much stronger than him and do lots damage pre attack
    later on my friends say that they attack him also a lot and they also mush stronger than this player .. so there was 3 active attacks on one guy and after 20 min we kill him ??
    in 195 days i never see some like that .. also its the same on Viking Clan !!

    i did screen recording and added on youtube .. see your self lol
  2. daz

    daz New Member

    ya cant get much more proof than that
  3. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    That's not proof of anything. Healing quickly is really easy without any scripts or bots and having multiple attackers makes it even easier since there's a good chance you'll need to heal every click so the button will always be there.
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I'm sorry Para, but you seem a bit slow when you attack.
  5. Hey Para, The same thing happened today with Dan Dada, on bounty and before he even got really low health it healed! I just watched the screen as he was being attacked. Everytime when it got to a ceratin point it healed, not before that point and not after. Bot , no doubt. he stayed on the bounty list for over 20 minutes, Thats a heck of a fighter, since I am 50 lvls above him and I know 3 others were hitting him and all of us could never kill him UNTIL His leveling Partner attacked him then he was dead in a second..Pretty
  6. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    The idea of letting your friends claim it is so strange I know John, but get used to it looooooooooool
  7. your attacking is a little slow.
  8. im not only one who attacking showoff the same time hes weak @ss- thats the point lmao

    so its ok speed for laptop pad click haha and there some who attack faster than me and lots stronger than showoff so cut out speed bs :D

    thanks Eddie and Satanist nice try :rolleyes:
  9. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well since your using a laptop touchpad, then your speed is reasonable I'll give you that
  10. yea mouse was some where in my kids room haha so i was to lazzy to go get mouse and i was sure that i can kill him with laptop pad and i did after all :D
    normally i do use mouse for laptop and mouse is faster for games !!
  11. then my laptop is faster cause i hit faster than that.
    well anythings possible i guess.
  12. there is software u can easy install in 2 min and use in any computer !!!
    proof is send to developers Viking clan and mob wars i can post proof here if developers say that ok !!!

    after i find first auto play software i look more and ther is much more programs that do scripts and you can be away from you pc and this program will do all you want -bounty heal adventures auto play program be fund all i can say everyone who use one of auto play programs will be called cheating and hope developers get them fast !!!

    thanks Jack
  13. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    I know there are programs and scripts to do this, but that video is far from proof that this user is using one.
  14. well next time will try get some better video he he

  15. Think on this Para....when I notice I'm on hitlist I will heal for a while till smaller peeps get fed up (canon fodder for afterwards) then I let my leveling partner kill me...They get the dosh and I get 5 or 6 kills on low members.....but if you find a heal cheat...LET ME KNOW QUIETLY SO I CAN USE
  16. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    Dont feel bad, there's a couple on mob wars, lnc that do the same thing and actually use cash bots, and healing bots. i can understand how they heal, but to heal, attack and rig in a couple seconds is diffently not humanly possible no matter how good you are, especially when it happens all the time. and they are being attacked by twoor three people at the same time. We've actually tried testing how fast they heal by having a group of five all attack , and they healed and reriged within a couple seconds on each person who was attacking them. I never saw anyone able to do that so fast. I'm not sayingit cant be done, but i doubt anyone is that good
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Its done quite easily with high health and Defense. My healing point is higher than most players entire health which allows me more than enough time to perform other actions
  18. If you suspect anyone is using a bot/script or another method of cheating, then report it to support nothing can be done about it if it isn't reported, and we would all love to see the back of the cheaters :)
  19. Moving on from that point, I've known people use two pc's, one PC to heal the other PC to attack/ambush/list back etc. :)
  20. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    loool you exposed it
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