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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by garmar, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. garmar

    garmar New Member

    I searched quite a bit and couldn't really find any good answers. What should I use them on?
  2. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I would say Hired Guns. You just need to think about what would help you the most with your game.
  3. garmar

    garmar New Member

    That's what I'd usually do since I play mobwars too, but I can't seem to find them.
  4. Jonathan_X

    Jonathan_X New Member

    if you already have 20 top squad than use them for stamina refills after you get the best equipment doing this you get a free level and 5 skill points at least every 10 earned levels i saved all of my UN credits from level 50 to 200 150 credits and i was 230 in a matter of 6 hrs if you don't have the 20 top squad than i recommend getting the strikers or defenders i honestly see no reason to get them if you have 20 top but alot of people do it does give you a small boost in attack and is worth it if you have many Credits to spend for the small 2% boost i'd rather level again and get a permanent boost

    most of all its gotta be what would help you the most
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  5. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    I'd recommend getting defenders only if you pla on just pve, only get strikers if you plan to pvp. Then for the rest I would recommend saving te un up until you can get a few un vehicles at once so you don't waste time upgrading different ones. They are useful whether you pvp or pve (defence only). I wouldn't bother using it on stamina or energy as you can level quite quickly in the game if you really want to anyway. Bug if you intend to pvp best thing to do is to level as slow as possible as the fight list gets smaller the further up you go.
  6. garmar

    garmar New Member

    Thanks, guys. It's no lie you can level quick. I made 81 levels and I just started less than 16 hours ago. I slept 9 of those. :D

    Very addictive game. I might have just found something that keeps my interest. Maestri's MobWars app is really going to crap.

    Here's what I've done so far. I bought a striker and upgraded him. It looks like it was a waste because the real people in my squad are stronger than he is. Maybe it's worth it for the attack boost? I'll soon see.

    I've saved the rest of my UN until I know exactly what to do. So I should buy one of each - armor, weapon and vehicle for my loadout from the limited offer items? Then keep using UN points to buy better inventory when I've earned enough?

    Thanks, much!
  7. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    I'd leave buying better weapons til last other than getting one for your character plus the reason why your striker is rubbish is because it's based on your attack stats don't bother upgrading him until you are much higher in level as its a waste of 10 un otherwise
  8. Susan K

    Susan K Member

    I save mine for gear -- for attacks. Since the gear you can buy is so unbalanced attack/defense, one-on-one attacks with equal gear you always lose. The Un points gear is more balanced in addition to being much higher.
  9. malific

    malific Member

    You should definitely go for hired guns if you want to win most fights (Strikers if you like beating the crap out of everyone, defenders if you want to repel people away), the extra 2% per hired gun is quite helpful later on. Don´t upgrade them too often though, since the change might not be that good. For what I´ve seen their stats improve as your level does, so wait some levels between upgrades.
    At the level I am right now, they have better stats than most people.

    UN Gear is really nice too, and so are vehicles, but it´s quite expensive to get a good amount of those.
  10. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    From my understanding of it, they improve on based on our attack/defence and not your level so even if you were say level 1000 and had 10 attack your strikers would have worse stats than a level 10 with 20 attack.
  11. malific

    malific Member

    I could never tell the difference since I invest on att/def stats practically every level, maybe someone else can state it out :)
  12. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    Just realised spending credits on vehicles isn't always best thing to do in every scenario, I bought 4 of those Kano snowboards and now the ninja vehicle has nearly the same attack stats as my fully upgraded boards from level 1 whereas the defence is similar
  13. Ohmaigawd

    Ohmaigawd New Member

    Since hired Top Squad seem to be based on your personal attack, I can buy one for 25 UNs annd it has 1048 atk and 524 def, before too long they'll be better than people!
  14. Jay is right, it all comes down to ur personal att/def status...if they are low then u have no chance of survival in the game and buying the strikers will be usless :S

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