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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Big Ken, Feb 14, 2011.

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    I have sent in all the hits and kills and when hit listed by a certain player on me and a few of my friends,and they also have sent in theres to KANO.This player has been killing us for weeks now and the bad part is I was in his squad and he took me out and started killing me,This is harassment.We can not set bounties on him because not only will we go broke but he kills us even more. I have tried staying off the game for a few days and that didnt help,I have tried staying in the hospital when I log off and that didnt help he just sets a bounty on me.I know fighting is all part of the game that dont bother me its how you play the game,but hitting and killing someone for weeks is not right,now if kano wont do anything and staying in the hospital dont help other then deleting the game is there anything else that can be done?I cant beat him so I never hit him,I know how strong he is just from being in his squad before he took me out.Im sure some of you are thinking im just crying and i should grow up,well how would you like it if EVERY time you log on you are dead from the same player and you have NEVER hit or hitlisted that player?Any other help would be great. One not so happy player :mad::mad::mad:
  2. A) Get bigger than him, and do the same to him.
    B) Lower your Upkeep and Raise your Income, to maximize your hitlist cost.
    C) Keep Healing, Sooner or Later he'll run out of attacks and or money.
    D) find somebody bigger than him, send them a paypal payment for beating him up for you.
    E) Forget about the above suggestions, go onto the forum, whine, cry, complain, and call it harrassment without any thought to what provoked him to do this.
  3. SirCinematic

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    Really the only thing that can be done about said player is to have it done to him. Link us.
  4. bahahahahahahaha
  5. gods people

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    Ahahahaha how old are you. I get hitlisted, killed, all sorts so what. That is the game man. you need to beef up, use some stratergy, save some money and ahit him. coming on here and crying like a baby just makes you look even more weak than you are. Anyone can be beat you just have to go the right way about it. :)
  6. MamaMUAHAHA

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    Unfortunately.... chain listing has become the new black in the game......
    And quite frankly I think its childish and pathetic to just throw money around to make a point.
    Sure...its nice to catch a big bounty... so not complaining on that score :p

    All I can suggest to the OP is keep booby trapping, and if you are being chain listed, try to hone your re-trapping/re-booby trapping skills.

    If someone eats a booby trap over and over again, it might deter them....'d HOPE it would... but it doesn't work for some!!

    Don't give up....I am sure this person will get bored eventually...
  7. Relentless

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    I can understand your frustrations. Have you tried messaging others for help? If this person is in a faction, does that faction have enemies? They would be the the most likely players to help you out.

    There are some higher level players from Myspace who post here on the forum, try sending them a message an asking for help. They might be willing to do some listings for you in exchange for you letting them kill some of your high XP giving bosses.

    If you posted here looking for help from Kano, your not going to get it. It's all just game play.
  8. Jailbait

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    link me to your attacker ill do my best to dismantle him. as much as i hate people who bitch and complain this happened to me at one point the only difference is i raised my shit up to fight afterwards now every single person on my fightlist loses both attacking and defending except one but hes all defense if he attacks me he loses. also i guess the only way to get people to stop bitching is to stop the cause of the bitching so let me take a whack at him
  9. Ace

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    Well, Mama stated perfectly on how to counter that.

    From what I get from your post, his slayer's higher than yours, so his only offense against you are punches or hitlists.

    While you can do nothing about punches (I die every single night on some people's hands) booby traps are the key against listings. If you get listed too much, they get real cheap and you can place a lot of them.

    From the looks of it, you'll have to stand up and kick their asses.
  10. should make a myspace zombie

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