Attention: Valued hi5 players! A plan has been forged.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Greetings hi5 players!
    We found out alongside the players last week that hi5 will no longer be supporting 3rd party developer games (us, along with all of the other current hi5 games). We dropped other priorities to put a plan together on how we can quickly and fairly address this issue for our loyal players and fans. After a lengthy amount of consideration, internal office debate and a significant amount of data analysis it was determined that an inter-network transfer from hi5 to another network where we keep stats intact is not possible.

    Before you grab your pitch forks, please know that this is far from the final word. We hope you will agree with us after reading the following points that making direct character transfers don’t make sense. Please read on for the insights and realizations that pushed us in this direction.
    • Although game mechanics are similar what makes the games drastically different on each social network is how players have built their characters. For example, throwing the level 8000 player that is at the top of the hi5 leader board into Facebook will be suicide for the hi5 player. This is because the characters have been built completely different, to fend off completely different set of rivals.
    • Even if a full transfer was done, alliances cannot be transferred, throwing a player into a high level without any clan/mob/squad will be committing suicide for that player.
    • Not only would it be unfair to throw hi5 players into the arena with new rivals using their current character build, it would also be unfair to those that have competed in a different environment for the past +3-yrs. Players on the other networks at say level 6000 position would be passed in the ranking by someone who has been playing against a completely different set of competitors.
    • Transferring stats is also not possible, this is because the "15,000" hit list kills that you had on hi5 was never available to the players on Facebook or MySpace, so comparing those stats against each other is not useful nor fair to those that have been competing for the past 3 years.

    Here is a real world scenario using the highest ranking player from Viking Clan on hi5 as an example. We are seeing these types of scenarios pop up frequently in our player statistics research between the multiple networks…
    Player Level: ~8200
    This player has built their character to be stronger than the "strongest" on hi5 against a different rival set which is completely different.
    Comparing the 8200 hi5 account to a level ~8000 player that is about 200 levels lower…
    Facebook player stats are:
    • Health roughly equal
    • Attack +47% greater
    • Defense +65% greater

    The hi5 player has built a "strong" hi5 player but a weak Facebook player. If the hi5 player and Facebook player were fighting over the same resources (bounty kills, battle wins, kills, etc) the hi5 player as built would have a different set of stats than they currently do.

    In light of this information we are still committed to supporting our loyal hi5 players. Below are a couple of packaged options that we have put together for players. While the details are not final yet we hope you will find these to be quite generous and really the best option possible considering the aforementioned analysis. This will allow players to ramp up quickly on a new network, and build a new character against a new set of rivals, taking into account level and amount paid.

    Based on our research of how competitors in our space have handled similar situations under different circumstances, when it was their decision to shut down a game. What we are planning to do is in line with what we’ve seen elsewhere. We feel these packages are the most fair and equitable solution available given hi5’s short notice of service termination and our ability to rapidly deploy a workable solution.
    1. A package that includes Favor Points based on play and/or amount paid for on hi5 to get you started / continue on either Facebook or MySpace.
    2. Offer a package that includes Favor Points based on play and/or amount purchased, alongside a character that is started at a higher level / income based on your player from hi5, it would not be a direct transfer of stats but would be one that has been adjusted to take into account the new network, to allow for players to fairly rebuild their character, rebuild their clan/mob/squad.

    We hope you will find these packages to be agreeable, we will update with more detail as soon as we can. While we understand some players may be upset they can’t direct transfer from one network to another, please understand we have had to take many factors into consideration including what’s fair to players on the other two social networks available.

    Thank you,

  2. you will have ALOT of angry players here

    i for one dont care about statistics

    but my build is what i wanted to keep
  3. After 3+ years of playing mobwars and pirates, I always wanted to quit but something or someone pull me back to the game, but now I think it's the perfect opportunity to stop playing and try to find a new hobbie. It was a great time.
  4. is it not possible to code something that polish had suggested??

    if a hi5 player had 1711 total clan

    start them out with 1711 hired clan

    then as they gain real clan deduct the hired clan

    going on pure hired clan for a long period of time would be madness

    my hi5 build i would take any day over my myspace build

    i actually think my hi5 could beat my myspace
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  5. slave

    slave Member

    i think if you tried to tell me my build would not be feasible within another game network, i would be inclined to disagree.....
  6. TheKid86

    TheKid86 New Member


    Why don't you let us choose what we want? You say that it's not fair for us if we will join facebook or another network, right? Let us decide what we want... Do you really think that if you move us in a place with the players from hi5 and only from here we will go all and start all aver again? And you say that this stupid decision it was designed after a week of thinking? Even if I`m drunk I can't make such a stupid decision!!!! Maybe some players want to join another network even if they will loose at the beginning... you all can't sleep at night because o that... let us decide, because we pay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Atheistic... While that's a valid and good suggestion, that only covers one small, minor problem in the big picture. 1:1 transfers really are out of the question. Whatever we do, there will be a situation where hi5 players will be leapfrogging players on FB/MS who didn't necessarily earn it on equal footing. That's not fair to those players. The lowest common denominator solution available that is fair to everyone, is to offer compensation points packages for those that put time, effort and money into hi5 on a platform of their choosing going forward.
    Please keep in mind we're really trying to appease everyone affected here, someone is bound to be unhappy because it's impossible to come up with a good catch all solution to this issue. I hope everyone in this thread can remain civil and have an upbeat attitude about this. Our hands were tied by the fact that this was not Kano's decision to close on hi5 nor was a mere 30 days our preference either. While we appreciate all feedback, including critical feedback. Please keep it appropriate, free of personal attacks and respect the opinions of your fellow players. Everyone's entitled to their own. Thanks! :)
  8. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    TheKid86... So if we let you choose, and you chose to move to Facebook. Lets say for the sake of argument that you have a Top 10 leaderboard account. How is that at all fair to the Facebook players who've endured a different environment to achieve their position? This is the quandry we are facing here. While it's all well and good for you to decide you want to move there. I assure you there might be a good number of Facebook or MySpace players who would strongly disagree about your presence coming from hi5.
  9. TheKid86

    TheKid86 New Member

    Who the hell will want to move to a new website with less members(who are the same from the beginning) to start all over again? Except the ones who paid for the fp? are u crazy? how you strongly disagree, I am STRONGLY DISAGREE TOO!

    EDIT: I have never had a facebook or myspace account! And if you can't move us there, move us all of us in another place, buy a domain, it's cheep... don't steal owr weapons, kills, etc. !
    Do this, what you said, only if you want all of us to quit. And this will because you have no idea to handle the situation... !!!!!!!!!
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  10. this might not of been directed at me

    but in my case

    this would knock my current account off the leaderboard and replace it

    i could see knocking my "hi5" down to either my myspaces current level

    or to the point where its right below the next rank above

    long as the build remains fairly the way i had it on hi5
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  11. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    That's insulting and factually incorrect. Many hours have been spent analyzing this situation. It's unfortunate that we and you the players were put in this place by hi5, but this is the best we can offer. Take the points, start a new on MS or FB, or don't take them. Venting on here in an accusatory negative manner won't help anyone, especially yourself.
  12. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    You are ONE player, among thousands. We have less than 30 days to accomplish this miraculous feat of moving everyone in a manner that is personally satisfactory to them. It is not acceptable, nor feasible for us to accomplish this in this window. If the situation were different perhaps, but it's not unfortunately.
  13. TheKid86

    TheKid86 New Member

    ATHEISTIC SATANIST, I can give you more than 1 hundred of this example... it's just the easiest way for them...
  14. TheKid86

    TheKid86 New Member

    The miraculous feat?!?!?!?!?! Personally satisfactory? Why don't you use the money that you get from the players to buy a server, create a new website and to move us there with the stats that we have now?
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  15. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    No surprise you have pissed off players.You lied by saying,and i QUOTE!!
    "Some players will have the option to migrate their profile, fully intact, from hi5 to Facebook."And now,you say,it's impossible for this to happen?Liars!!I hope all hi5 players quit.That's less money for you.
  16. Rossi

    Rossi New Member

    So we will have to lose all levels achieved, limited items, hired guns bought, dropped items, boss rewards, gifts received... and we will get a nice brand-new level 1 account with some FP in it? Well, I cannot say I'm angry, I'm just sad... really sad. Nice playing this game (Mob Wars) KANO, it was a nice 3 years adventure. Wish you all the best guys.
  17. TheKid86

    TheKid86 New Member

    RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! LIARS!!!!!!!

    EDIT: So if today I bought 100 limited weapons I will receive... 10% let's say? Not me but if someone wants a refund will you give him/her 10%? Or what if someone bought today 100 limited weapons... the price is 2500 fp... you will give him/her 100 weapons or only 10 weapons, for the same price? how will you do that????
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  18. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    You say its easier to start form zero than to adjust your character with time? Bullsh...
    Finally i can quit playing, thanks!
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  19. Are you serious ? We will have to start all over ? And when do you think you gonna have your offer ready ?

    what about all the un I have on My account Are they gonna be transferred too ?

    "If I wanted to continue "It have to be some wild packages" otherwise I do not imagine that you get anyone over from ZS. Im actually willing to make you a serious bet that you want get more then 100 to start over.

    Conclusion: You spent one week to find out that you can't transfer our game and that was it. keep up the hard work. You should ask for a raise :confused:
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