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  1. Dewknot

    Dewknot New Member

    I have not received my achievement bonus for "reaching 250 Energy" and " Reaching 1000 Energy" If somebody can please fix it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. adding 1 skill point to energy should fix it.
  3. Dewknot

    Dewknot New Member

    Thanks, I shall try it out
  4. NicoG

    NicoG New Member

    Daily Gamer Points

    Hi Folks
    Magic new addition!! Just need to report a small glitch, The Fight points are inactive today!! They worked yesterday. But I've been attacked and have attacked a few times today. Boss, Jobs & Help are all 100% full but Fights still show 0%.
    Thanks for a Magic game!!!
    The "Old Fart"

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